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10 Car Related Questions You Often Ask.

You guys often Google some Car Related Questions but, it’s difficult to find them all in one place so we have come up with 10 often asked questions related to your car.

1.How often should I check tire pressure?

You will find the very common answer for this like every time you fuel up but that’s a bit unrealistic. So keep a good rule and check once a month. and twice or thrice if there is a stick change in weather. You can easily track it by the vibration once you get familiar with the car. And, if you are using a pair for a long time it’s better to check it more often to avoid failures.

tire pressure

2. How often do car need servicing?

Every one of us has searched this term once in life when to service a car? You should always read a user manual of the vehicle you drive. If you bought a new car then the service period is mentioned in the user manual once you get all the free services done you can schedule the next services once a year or, If you drive extensively you need to do it every 11000 to 12000 km. The full servicing usually takes 3-4 hours which is not more than once a year.

car servicing

3. When to change the transmission fluid?

The professionals recommends changing the transmission oil every 50000 km or 2 years.
How to check the transmission oil needs to be changed :-

  • Firstly you can check it by color the transmission oil. It is usually light red in color if it turns to become darker or brownish. then it’s a time to change.
  • If you are driving the automatic transmission and the car transmission slips rough and noisy shifting and a lack of drive engagement you should check the fluid.
  • The transmission oil should have that good petroleum smell if it smells like burnt or foul it’s time to change.
  • It should not have any other particle, it must be smooth.
transmission oil

4.Why does car brake make a sound?

Car Related Questions must have this problem as common. A common problem in cars include brakes making noise while driving. This occurs due to brake friction material or brake linings have worn out. This problem can be overcome by changing the brake pads that are worn out. use some good brake oils.

car brakes

5. Why engine overheat?

There are some possible reasons for it

  • Cooling system clogged
  • Weak radiator cap
  • Collapsed radiator hose or foreign material in the radiator
  • Too high or low concentration of anti-freeze
  • Coolant leaks
  • blocked hoses from corrosion and mineral deposits.

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6.How do I test my car battery?

  • Check the voltage

check the battery voltage by connecting the red battery terminal to the positive point on the voltmeter. And the black battery terminal to the negative point on voltmeter the good battery shows the reading between voltage between 12.4 V and 12.7 V. Below 12.3 its indicates that the battery is low.

  • Battery health indicator

This is a new component added to modern-day vehicles. The indicator is connected to the battery and whenever you start the ignition it test the battery for you. When it indicates green that means the battery is in good condition and red means it needs a check-up. A fully dry battery will show nothing and the indicator remains black.

  • Physical inspection of the battery

Before performing the physical inspection disconnect all the terminals to the battery first. Check for any kind of abnormal shape and size change in the battery. clean the battery gently by using some baking soda, brush, and water. apply some grease or petroleum jelly on the terminals to avoid corrosion.

car battery

7.How to do a Hydrometer check for car battery?

To check the battery status by hydrometer open the plate covers on the battery. now dip the hydrometer inside the first cell and press the hydrometer bubble to suck some electrolyte. if the hydrometer shows a reading between 1.265 and 1.299 it indicates the proper functioning battery. We have also answered this on Instagram do check that too.

hydrometer checking

8. How to overcome engine overheating?

By turning off the AC:- The air conditioning system of the car puts a heavy load on the engine turning off the AC might help you sometimes to overcome the problem.

Turn on a heater:- Turning in the heater will some excess heat from the engine to the system. Which helps to reduce the heat of the engine. Basically, it blows some hot air into the car. It helps cool down the car’s engine.

Stop the car and open the hood:- This will allow the air to get in contact with the engine. Which helps the engine cool down pretty fast. But be careful while opening the hood.

engine heating problem

9.Why the smoke comes out from the exhaust.

The car may produce some exhaust gases which are colorless. But if the smoke has color and it’s coming it extensively then the engine must be in trouble. The white smoke indicates the leaking of coolant while. The dark blue smoke comes out because of the oil getting in the combustion chamber. The black smoke also indicates the engine is running rich in fuel(less air more fuel).

smoke form exhaut

10.why does my car gives less mileage?

Mass airflow sensors, fuel filters, air filters, and O2 sensors perform their work to ensure efficient fuel usages. If the engine is poorly serviced it may consume more fuel. Also, if there is a problem with the above components or they are clogged it may be one of the reasons.

Control on Aggressive driving, checking tire pressure, performing regular maintenance, and cleaning out some extra clutters in the vehicle helps to increase fuel efficiency.

So this was some Car Related Questions you guys often google.

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