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2022 Slimey Crud Cafe Racer Run [Spring Edition]

The Slimey Crud Cafe Racer Run has long been and continues to be Wisconsin’s premier non-affiliated, non-corporately supported, unaligned, disassociated, completely free motorcycle rally and rolling show. Perhaps somewhere in the upper Midwest. Or, for that matter, the entire country.

It was created by people who will remain unidentified for the purposes of this study, but who were dedicated members of the original Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang, with the intention of producing the aforementioned flagship event. Even while the Gang did some serious publicity, it didn’t initially generate the swarm of riders as it does now.

Despite the lack of banners and posters splashed with some light beer or energy drink, corny plastic give-away mugs, or any other promotional knickknacks, the Crud Run continues to attract enormous crowds of riders, distinctive and even historic motorcycles of all types, even in the gloomiest of conditions.

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Riders congregate in the hamlet of Pine Bluff, west of Madison in Dane County, Wisconsin, on the first Sunday in May and October each year for a period of meeting old riding mates, meeting new riding buddies, and ogling the buffet of bikes that show up.

From there, each rider is free to pick his or her own route to the village of Leland across the Wisconsin River in Sauk County. There is no attempt to designate an “official route” for riders to take, no road captains, no wrist bands, and no rules to adhere to. Only the general admonition to ride safe, have fun, and keep the shiny side up. Other than that, you are pretty much on your own, which is where you should be. We are, after all, rugged individualists, as all motorcyclists should be.

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That’s a good thing, because there are plenty of town and county roads with stunning views, little traffic, and plenty of twists and hills to keep the rider entertained. Slow down, get off the tank, and take in the scenery when doing the Run. Keep the high-octane stuff for track days. If done correctly, one can spend the better part of a day travelling and never see the same route twice, unless they get lost, which is possible, or they ruin the journey by using GPS or a map.

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Despite the occasional morning mist and temps in the 40s, a large number of riders showed out as the day progressed. To be sure, it was only about a third the number typically seen at the event, but still a substantial showing.

It’s always entertaining to show off photos of some of the most fascinating or “Best Of” random categories of motorcycles seen at the Run. Although the categories are sometimes appropriate, they are not required. The “Best Of” award is completely subjective, based on our mood at the moment. Fairness and consistency are not necessary or taken into account. No substitutions, protests, or exchanges are permitted, and all errors of judgement are expected.

The Slimey Crud Café Racer Run will be held on the first Sunday in October. Be present or you’ll be—well, you know.

Nothing beats this example for the Top Unrestored Vintage Triumph!
There is a three-way tie for Top Three-Wheeler, and here they are—all parked together in a puddle.
This Royal Enfield INT 650 gets the nod as the Top Café Racer, capturing the spirit of the event.
The Top Vintage Beemer can’t claim original paint, but it is pretty cool in shocking blue.
The Top Wheelchair Adapted machine was this one built around a BMW platform.
This immaculate bike was not the only shovelhead Sportster at the Crud Run, but it is our pick for the Top Shovelhead Sportster.
Okay, I admit the Top Sentimental Favorite is a blatantly biased pick of mine because this very original 1976 Honda CJ360T is identical to the one I have in my shed, and was the same model bike I bought as my second bike ever.

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