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2022 VW Golf R With 520 HP Hits 202 MPH On Pitch-Black Autobahn

Tuner makes hot hatch even hotter by unlocking supercar levels of speed.

Is there really a need for a third video of the Volkswagen Golf 8 doing some high-speed runs on the Autobahn? Yes, since this isn’t your average Wolfsburg tiny hatchback. While the previous two models were the humble 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TDI, we now get to see the mighty R exercising its powers on a stretch of Germany’s wonderful highway with no restrictions.

Its 2.0 TSI engine is far from stock, with a stage 2 kit from HGP boosting the turbocharged four-pot to 520 horsepower (387 kilowatts) and 629 Newton-meters (464 pound-feet) of torque. To handle the extra power created by the amped-up EA888 Evo4 engine, the tuners added massive 380-mm ceramic brake discs at the front axle.

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To put those high output numbers to the test, the automobile drove late at night on the Autobahn, when traffic was lighter. Even though it’s still a four-cylinder Golf, hitting 325 km/h (202 mph) is an outstanding achievement in and of itself. The fact that it took only 7.53 seconds to go from 62 to 124 mph (100 to 200 km/h) is maybe even more impressive.

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It’s reasonable to assume that HGP’s Golf R has gotten a slew of upgrades to unlock speeds normally reserved for supercars. The super hatch is now a bit of a sleeper, thanks to a bespoke turbocharger and a K&N air filter, as well as a Wagner intercooler and an aftermarket exhaust.

The 19-inch OZ wheels with Pirelli P Zero tyres and a KW coilover suspension are the only signs it’s been tuned, aside from the tuner’s badges. Although the five-cylinder Golf R with the Audi RS3 engine was never produced, the aftermarket scene is ready to provide a credible replacement.

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Some may recall that the same tuning company also managed to squeeze nearly 1,000 horsepower out of a Lamborghini Urus. The Italian Super SUV clocked 2.9 seconds and had a top speed of 211 mph (340 km/h).

Source: MotorOliTV / YouTube

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