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2023 BMW XM Spied Silently Going Sideways On Snow

This thing looks very agile for what it really is.

One could argue that BMW has more SUVs in its lineup than it requires, but it appears that there is no such thing as having too many SUVs or crossovers. The Bavarian firm is developing a new flagship utility, which it is now testing with a production body that is fitted with preliminary lights. It was recently caught on camera on a snowy proving ground, unleashing all of its hybrid power to slide sideways.

It’s tough to comment on the machine’s design because it’s still almost fully hidden. Fake body panels are even connected to the front fascia, producing a misleading view of how it would appear. However, we can already tell the XM as it is unofficially known is going to be massive and sport a sloped roofline.

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Because this is a spy video, we can see the electric SUV doing what it does best in the snow. The traction appears to be enough, and the power is sufficient to push the large family mover rapidly from a stop. Although the test driver can be seen driving the XM like a rally vehicle in the early seconds of the video, it appears to be steady in the turns. Surprisingly, there is no motor roar accompanying the dance.

This is most likely symptomatic of the engine under the hood. According to early sources, the XM would be available with three different powertrains, the most powerful of which will combine a V8 engine with a hybrid system. According to the XM Concept’s specifications, this variant should produce roughly 750 horsepower (551 kilowatts) and 737 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-meters) of torque. On a single charge, the electric range should be around 30 miles (48 kilometres).

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It’s difficult to determine when the XM will be available in production, though speculations suggest it could come later this year. If this is right, the huge hybrid SUV should hit the market early next year.

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Source: CarSpyMedia on YouTube

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