2023 BMW XM Spied, Whats Behind Camouflage ?

Big kidney grille? Check. Split headlights? Check. Stacked exhaust tips? Check.

2023 BMW XM Spied, Whats Behind Camouflage ?
2023 BMW XM Spied, Whats Behind Camouflage ?

BMW M will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than by introducing a dedicated M model? As you can see, it’s not the mid-engined M1’s spiritual successor because we’re dealing with a completely different beast. This large SUV will go down in history as the heaviest model ever produced by the Bavarian manufacturer. It’ll weigh around 2,700 kilogrammes (5,952 pounds), which is more than double the weight of the M1.

Despite the fact that fully revealing patent images have surfaced on the Internet, BMW is sticking to its original plan and will not remove the camouflage until the big reveal later this year. Nonetheless, we can see that the Concept XM’s split headlights will be carried over. In fact, the production-ready version will retain more than 90% of the showcar’s design. The adoption of traditional door handles and a smaller-but-still-huge kidney grille are two major changes.

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BMW’s Urus will have dual stacked exhaust tips on each corner of the bumper, giving the electrified mastodont an even more polarising appearance, especially from the side profile. Those wheels appear to be a little small for such a large SUV, but we do know that the production version will include an optional 23-inch set.

All XM variants will feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain, as seen in this prototype spotted in Germany. The launch model will have nearly 650 horsepower, while the range-topping model, rumoured to be called XM Label, is expected to match the Concept XM’s 750-hp punch. Last year’s concept was touted as having a massive 1,000 Nm torque (737 lb-ft).

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While these two will be powered by BMW’s new twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V8 “S68” engine, an entry-level XM 50e with a six-cylinder PHEV setup is expected. Even the cheapest XM will set you back six figures, around €110,000 to €120,000 before options. According to BMWBLOG, the flagship model could cost up to €190,000 when upgraded.

BMW will unveil the XM before the end of the year, when production will begin in Spartanburg. The X3 through X7 SUVs, as well as their M Performance and M versions, are assembled at the same plant in South Carolina.

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