2023 Colorado ZR2 off-road Race Truck at Best In The Desert

2023 Colorado ZR2 off-road Race Truck at Best In The Desert
2023 Colorado ZR2 off-road Race Truck at Best In The Desert

Chevrolet introduced the new 2023 Colorado not long ago. The third-generation midsize truck and its various off-road-focused trims, including the ZR2, were first spotted at the end of last month.

However, it appears that the Golden Bow Tie brand is already releasing a hard-core version of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado in the form of an off-road race truck. The brand-new 2023 Colorado ZR2 off-road race truck will debut this weekend at the Best in the Desert competition, according to the company’s official Facebook page.

Apart from the accompanying image, which tells us a lot about the specialised model designed to conquer sand, there isn’t much concrete information available about the Colorado ZR2 off-road race truck just yet. One of which is the new race truck’s livery, which shows that Chevy and Chad Hall Racing are still partners.

The upgrades’ specifics have not yet been made public. But the Colorado ZR2 off-road race truck from before should provide a preview of what’s to come. Before, the majority of the racing components were devoted to overhauling the Colorado’s suspension system. Customers who wanted to transform their midsize truck into an off-road beast could purchase these parts.

The 2023 Chevrolet Colorado, including the ZR2 trim, will go on sale in March of next year. Over 200 accessories, including a grille light bar, detachable assist step off-road bumper lights, and an interior switch plate for the ZR2, have already been made public by Chevrolet.

It is noteworthy that the Chad Hall Racing Colorado ZR2 is the only truck in its class to have finished every race entered since it began competing in the Best In The Desert series in 2017. It had more than 22,500 miles of racing experience by the year 2021. (Adipex)

Source: Chevrolet (Facebook)