2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Revealed: 400-Mile Range, Up To 664 HP

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Revealed: 400-Mile Range, Up To 664 HP
2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Revealed: 400-Mile Range, Up To 664 HP

The Chevrolet Silverado EV of 2024 isn’t the first electrified pickup truck on the market. It’s not the first from the General Motors family, but by the statistics, it’s the most important. Beyond the numbers, the Silverado EV has a slew of innovative features that truck lovers will appreciate. It also doesn’t look half awful.

Let’s start with the numbers, which are quite amazing. Thanks to the world’s largest Ultium battery pack, Chevrolet forecasts a range of 400 miles on a single charge. Dual motors deliver up to 664 horsepower (495 kilowatts) and over 780 pound-feet (1,063 Newton-meters) of torque to all four wheels. When the truck is in Wide Open Watts (yep, WOW) mode, Chevy claims it will reach 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. In just ten minutes, a 350kW DC fast charger can recoup 100 miles of range. If you choose to tow, the Silverado EV can tow a 10,000-pound trailer or carry 1,300 pounds in the bed. Chevrolet, you’ve done well.

Here’s where we’ll need to slow things down a little. The Silverado EV will be available in two trim levels: base Work Truck (WT) and flagship RST. The RST is covered by the figures we just reeled off, but there’s also some impressive overlap with the WT. On the entry-level vehicle, for example, the 400-mile range and fast-charge capability are still available. Although we doubt anyone would consider 510 horsepower (380 kW) and 615 lb-ft (834 Nm) to be inadequate, power is lowered. Towing capacity is also reduced to 8,000 pounds, but Chevrolet will release a WT fleet version with a towing capacity of 20,000 pounds later.

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The RST, on the other hand, comes with features like rear-wheel steering, automatic adaptive air suspension, Super Cruise, and a changeable pickup bed with a Multi-Flex Midgate. Because we know some of you are seeing aspects of Chevrolet Avalanche in the Silverado EV’s design, we’ll address the elephant in the room here.

Surprisingly, Chevy’s presentation makes no mention to the previous Avalanche, but the aesthetic similarities don’t end there. The bed, which has a complete pass-through midgate, adds to the functionality. The Silverado EV RST has a cargo floor length of 10 feet 10 inches when the rear seats are folded and the optional Multi-Flex tailgate is extended, nearly doubling the length of the regular 5-foot 11-inch bed.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find more familiar-yet-different design cues. Digital displays dominate both trims, though the RST wields a massive 17.0-inch center screen that stretches to an 11-inch digital instrument display. If that’s not enough information for the driver, the RST also offers a heads-up display with a field-of-view spanning 14 inches. The WT isn’t quite as elaborate – Chevrolet isn’t ready to share such details on the entry-level truck – but it boasts its own pair of digital screens.

The new Ultifi Linux-based software platform, created in-house by GM and capable of regular updates, is available on both vehicles. Both still have lots of manually handled controls for everyday items like the climate and radio. Only in the RST will you be able to start your vehicle without touching it if you have an equipped smartphone with you when you enter.

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