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2030 Tesla CyberTrail: We Envision An Electrified Jeep Wrangler Fighter

This story includes artwork by CarScoops’ Josh Byrnes that is not affiliated with Tesla and is not sponsored by them.

You can’t dispute Tesla’s influence on supercharging the electric car scene among a sea of ICE-addicted traditional manufacturers, whether you like them or not. Are they flawless? No, the quality of their products has been hit-or-miss, as have the well-documented troubles with Autopilot and their ability to produce new models on schedule.

Despite this, many people continue to purchase Tesla cars and SUVs. According to rumors, a small compact automobile, as well as the long-awaited Roadster and the forever-delayed Cybertruck, will soon join Tesla’s ranks. But what if a trail-hugging Jeep Wrangler was in the works? Would it increase the attractiveness of the Austin-based manufacturer to thrill-seekers?

While nothing has been verified, we’ve taken the liberty of imagining what a Tesla off-roader may look like, as well as everything else it might have to offer.

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Rugged Stance

2030 Tesla CyberTrail

Unlike Tesla’s divisive truck, our research opts for a style that combines industrial and automotive design with organic surfaces and sharp lines. With its full-width LED light bar and grille-less front facia, there are certainly Cybertruck references, but the overall design is less compared to a cheese doorstop.

The massive wheels and thick tyres have been pushed to the corners to maintain proportions. The fast-back type glasshouse with its detachable roof parts, as well as the contrasting fenders and lower door cladding, add to the tough character. The rear is dominated by a full-width OLED lightbar, and the tailgate is side-mounted with a full-size spare tyre.

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Under The Skin

2030 Tesla CyberTrail

The interior of this study, which is based on the Model Y, is compact to match the vehicle’s lower external proportions. Thankfully, its basic interior appearance is more appealing than that of its on-road sister, and there’s no crazy yoke steering wheel to be found.

A big 15-inch OLED infotainment screen, augmented-reality HUD, 360-degree surround-view cameras with a clear all-terrain mode, and Level 3 Semi-autonomous Autopilot are among the features available (the latter on paved roads only).

A 75-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with cylindrical cell construction would be ideal for long-range and performance variations. The off-long-range roader’s version may reach 330 miles of range, but the performance version would only get 300 miles with a full charge.

All-wheel drive with dual motors would come standard, and the SUV would accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds in performance mode. Electronically controlled multi-terrain modes including crawl, sand, snow, and mud, as well as the liberal approach and departure angles, would naturally aid even the most inexperienced off-road drivers.

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Off-road Rivals

2030 Tesla CyberTrail

While numerous battery-electric crossovers are now available, specialist off-roaders such as the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco still lack electricity. Thankfully, an electric Jeep Wrangler will be available in 2024, while Toyota’s Compact Cruiser EV will be available by 2030. Hopefully, by then, a Tesla off-roader in the style of our design suggestion will have joined them.

Should Tesla add a trail-rated off-roader to their lineup? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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2030 Tesla CyberTrail

sources:- carscoops


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