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3 Cylinder Vs 4 Cylinder Engine Explained

3 Cylinder Vs 4 Cylinder

Engines used for propelling the car are available in different layouts. But 3-cylinder Vs 4-cylinder engine is always a topic of debate, misconceptions and myths have always been a part of this. Today let’s break it down to simple. We will compare these on basis of: performance, pros and cons.

• What’s the difference ?

3 Cylinder Vs 4 Cylinder Engine Explained

The obvious difference is in the name, 3 cylinder engine have 3 cylinder whereas in 4 cylinder engine have 4 cylinders. This gives us a clear idea about there constructional feature. In 3-cylinder, power is produced at every 120° of crank rotation whereas in 4-cylinder power is produced at evey 90° of crank rotation. Hence variations can be seen in there performance characteristics.

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• Pros of 3-Cylinder Engines

1. Increased fuel efficiency

As compared to 4-cylinder, due to a less cylinder there is lesser frictional losses and which results in les fuel consumption in running the engine. And also improve economy by some extend.

2. Cost effective

Less parts reduce manufacturing cost and which makes the engine less costly. A clear advantage from manufacturers side.

3. Space for interiors

With a less cylinder this are small n size and needs smaller engine bay. This leads to more space for interiors and make them roomier.

• Cons of 3-Cylinder Engines:

1. Less responsive

One can easily feal the power loss at lower RPM. This is because the engine has one phase where its crank is rotating just from inertia.

Adding a turbo can somewhat increase the responsiveness of the engine.

• Pros of 4-Cylinder Engine

1. Equal power distribution

In 4-cylinder, the firing order does not lag, hence power is distributed more evenly. Thats why the engine performance is good at both higher and lower RPM.

2. Refined engine

In 4-cylinder engine balancing is perfect and the engine runs without any lag.

• Cons of 4-Cylinder Engine:

1. Cost

Comparatively 4-cylinder engines are costly because extra parts need to be manufactured.

2. High fuel consumption

Increased weight results in more fuel consumption. Relatively increase in friction.

• Which one to buy ?

If price and mileage is in top of your list then a 3-cylinder turbocharged engine is best pick for you. As performance freak only 4-cylinder engine will meet your needs. At the end of the day, choosing a car is your personal preference and need. Do take a test drive and decide which one perfectly suits you.

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