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Top 7 Mid-Engine cars For Everyone | Best Budget Mid-Engine Supercars For Everyone

Putting an engine in between the axles makes for better weight distribution and improved driving dynamics. It’s a trick we usually see on expensive like the Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini, and others. However, having an engine in the middle isn’t just for one-percenters, there are more for us and dirty peasants too. In this blog, we’ve made a list of Top 7 Mid-Engine Cars For Everyone.

7. Porsche Volkswagen 914/4

It is said as Volkswagen as most of the Porsche 914 models that were sold were four-cylinder, and most of them had a VW badge on the front. However, the 914 was a joint development between the two companies where the six-cylinder version would be an entry model in a four-cylinder version would be the halo car for VW. Sadly, during the development time the VW boss died and the new one didn’t like the agreement. As result, VW pulled out, leaving Porsche with the car. The car was light, simple, nippy, somewhat ugly, and very practical. You could carry a lot of luggage in the front and rear trunks, including the rear roofs. VW boss mentioned that it was cheap to buy and cheap to maintain, which is one of the reasons the VW four-cylinder outsold the 6 by a huge margin.


For the price, the amount of smiles MGF produced was hard to beat. You could buy a Mazda-Mx 5 like everyone. But, the MGF had an engine right behind your back just like those expensive sports cars. And, although roadsters are more about open-top fun than sheer speed, this one could get you to 60 mph in 7 seconds. Plus, the twisty corners were handled by funky hydro gas hydropneumatic suspension like on the Citroen DS. Who says a sports car shouldn’t have a smooth ride, yes it had a large panel gasping, but instead of dwelling over silly things like reliability, buy one now and you can get a serious bargain. This one will cost you only 420 pounds and those will be the best 420 pounds ever spent.

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5. Toyota MR2

Maybe British cars are not your cup of tea and you want something more reliable. In that case, you can go for Toyota MR2, Japan’s first id-engine and rear-drive two-seater economy sports car. It was more focused on the driving experience and not lap times. MR2 shared a quite few parts with other Toyota models including the high revving engine. That made it affordable but also somehow underpowered. MR2 made up for with handling, low weight, perfect balance, and a lotus engineered chassis made for one lively little car. However, with the second generation, Toyota went for a bigger body, bigger turbocharged, and much bigger power output. Because of its smoother looks, people called it a poor man’s Ferrari. MR2 was faster down the line than the Ferrari 348. It was also quicker than the NSX and supra, but, everyone seems to have forgotten about that little detail.

4. Honda S660

Mid-engine supercars can be very large, like the Lamborghini Aventador for example, is one of the widest production cars in the world, and that makes it somewhat unwieldy navigating city streets. The S660 is an AK car whose tiny dimensions and even the tinier engine are regulated by the Japanese government. It is not that fast, but you can get a light and maneuverable car that is cheap to buy, cheap to run, and cheap to insure. The S660 was and is sold like hotcakes, so much that Honda couldn’t make enough of them when they first went on sale. Even a thriving modding scene has popped out. just in case you want your little car to look more menacing than the Honda NSX. Basically, the S660 is the most fun you can possibly have without ever breaking the speed limit.

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3. Mitsubishi i

Maximizing interior space is the name of game here, which means other than seats and the steering wheels must be pushed out of the way. But, a really clever idea is putting the engine under the rear seats, which comes in between the axles. This frees up more space in the front and adds more room for the crumple zones which can’t be seen in most of the kei cars. In the end, the smart engineering really paid off. I was so hit in Japan that Mitsubishi decided to sell it in other markets as well.

2. Mazda MS-5

Mid-engine cars can have their engine up at the front too. As long as it’s in between the axles, it qualifies. There are many such front mid-engine cars, but since we are talking about the cars in the masses, there is only one that stands out. It is the world’s most selling sports car ever. Over 1 million and spans for generations. The reason behind its success is that it is affordable and always has been, moreover, it’s Japanese which means it is reliable which means you get to save some money in the long run. It is so much fun to drive, like it is dopamine over wheels, thanks to its mid-engine layout and the weight distribution which is perfectly 50/50.

1. Chevrolet Corvette C8

This supercar is affordable, there must not be such a category before, supercar for the masses. Those are the exotic cars only aimed at the richest, the closer us peasants ever had were the Nissan GTR, which is an insanely fast sports car. In the previous Vette which is an insanely fast muscle car, and now we have a real deal. For 90 horsepower exotic, modern, digitized, and beautifully built supercar that sells for just $59,999. Not everyone has the same amount of money lying around, but considering what else costs the same, it is a super deal. An Audi R8 will cost you three times as much and will still be slower to 60.

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