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Abarth Pulse Is Italian Brand’s First-Ever Performance SUV

If you’re a Fiat lover in the United States, things aren’t looking good. Currently, the brand only sells one vehicle, the Fiat 500X, which is a rather average car. The beautiful 124 Spider and the quirky 500L are no longer available, as are the Fiat 500 and its hot Abarth brothers, which were recently updated. While the brand’s future in the United States does not appear bright, it is extremely popular in other countries. With the world’s obsession with crossovers, it’s possible that the brand needs a new one, perhaps a performance one. That’s exactly what Abarth has done in Brazil, where it’s debuted its first-ever SUV. The Abarth Pulse is a sports car by Abarth.

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Based on the Fiat Pulse, which starts at approximately $16,900 in Brazil, the Abarth Pulse is a Brazil-only model wearing the scorpion badge.

The hotted-up Abarth features a variety of design modifications over the standard model, including a black roof with contrasting side mirror caps, front bumper trim, and side decals. Although white and black will be available, the grey painting complements the red highlights wonderfully. The Abarth scorpion replaces the Fiat badge up front and sits atop a black mesh grille for an even sportier look. The look is completed with a set of 16-inch wheels.

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The powertrain for the Pulse has yet to be verified, although it is likely to be a 1.3-liter turbocharged gas engine with 185 horsepower. This is more powerful than the Abarth 595 and 695 variants, which have 160 and 178 horsepower, respectively. However, the Abarth SUV will undoubtedly be heavier. With 130 horsepower, the Fiat Pulse Turbo can reach 62 mph in 9.4 seconds, but we expect its Abarth derivative to accomplish the same in closer to eight seconds, making it more of a warm crossover than a hot one.

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The Abarth Pulse is a significant vehicle in the Brazilian market. It’s not only the first Abarth SUV to be sold in the country, but it’s also the first Abarth model in years. It was also created locally and will be manufactured in Brazil. Previously, the Abarth Stilo and the Abarth 500 were the only models sold under the sports sub-brand.

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It’s uncertain whether the revised Abarth 595 and 695 will be stablemates with the Pulse. The Abarth Pulse has the potential to be a big seller in Brazil if it’s priced appropriately. Fiat is already the best-selling brand in the country, and adding a performance variant to a popular crossover SUV will only add to its appeal.

The Italian brand is also concentrating on electrification in other areas. It just introduced the E-Ulysse and is currently working on the first electric Abarth, which is expected to debut next year.

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