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Advantage Of Toyota Fortuner Over Ford Endeavor

Toyota Fortuner VS Ford Endeavor

Ford motors India is shutting down their business in India due to a lack of sales. But surely Ford Endeavour was their best product in the Indian market. The big size SUV segment was dominated by Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour, also due to less competition in the segment. But after Ford wraps up their business here Toyota Fortuner will enjoy a big chunk of market share in the segment.

But this article will cover all your doubts on the Advantage Of Toyota Fortuner Over Ford Endeavor.

  1. Reliability: Starting from the build quality, the Fortuner is based on the Toyota Hilux a pickup. Which is well known for its tough and mature design.
  2. More Powerful Engine: particularly the 500 nm of torue is essentially unrivaled. 20% more power and torque compared with the Endeavor.
  3. Driving: Hydraulic powered steering of the Fortuner is undeniably more pleasurable to drive than the EPS of Endeavor. Obviously, the Endy has one of the most delightful EPS too yet the Fortuner dominates here.
  4. Headlights: Lights up the street better than the Endeavor. The headlights are exceptionally useful when traveling through fog and smogs. Especially considering winters in the northern India.
  5. Brakes: Ventilated Disc brakes at the rear vs solid discs in Endevour. Ventilated discs are easy to apply and are effective even after many braking cycles or long term use.
  6. Better Service Network: With Ford saying goodbye to India, there are barely any vendors. Toyota has focused in to serve India basically for few more centuries.
  7. Resell: Resell value cant be compare, no one gonna buy a car with no service network and unavailability of genuine parts and accessories.
  8. Color Options: The Toyota Fortuner is available in 8 color options compared to only 3 colors available with the Ford Endeavour. For some peoples this might not be the advantage but this is advantageous for people looking for better finishes.

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Who Is The Winner?

Fairly simple it took me 2+ hours to prepare the post for Advantage Of Toyota Fortuner Over Ford Endeavor but I could wrap up this post in 4 min, the Endeavour wins the race.

Although the Toyota Fortuner triumphs it in the powertrain numbers, Endevour is nicer on you, won’t hurt your body on bad roads and it’s generous on the curves. The addition of Panoramic sunroof could still be a deal-breaker for many, which the T-fort misses out on. You’ll save some cash on fuel bills too.

Should You Buy The Endeavour Now?

No. The future is very uncertain, won’t be surprised if Ford decides to pull the plug on CBU imports too considering the weak demand.

What Next ?

Would suggest you wait for the upcoming Kodiaq, you won’t regret it. Of course, if a proper 4×4 isn’t on your priority list.

Why Should Buy Fortuner?

If a no-nonsense robust vehicle is your priority and you wouldn’t mind overpaying for it, get this beast home. Even your grandchildren can road trip in this, still without an engine overhaul.

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