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Toyota Fortuners Leads The Market After Ford Endeavor Exits | Fortuner VS Endeavor

Toyota’s Gain Over Ford’s Losses

Ford Motor’s exiting the market is by all accounts Toyota Motor’s benefit in India, as far as the large SUV segment is concerned. The Large SUV market in India was a segment where both the automakers having a battle over their SUVs Fortuner and Endeavour. But this was before Ford Motors shut downs operations in India. But, now Toyota will enjoy the entire segment with Fortuner, because of Fordexit and the lack of other players in the segment.

In September, Toyota Fortuner was raised as a market leader in the large SUV segment, with a sales record of 1,869 units. It is a large climbing of almost 80% compared with a similar period last year when Toyota sold just 1,045 units of the Fortuner SUV. Toyota has sold over 1.70 lakh units of Fortuner since the SUV was first launched in 2009.

To place things in context, Ford had sold 694 units of Endeavor SUV back in September last year, substantially less than whatever Toyota sold in the section. Obviously, Ford Endeavor drew a clear last month as the carmaker halted production at its India facilities after facing huge losses.

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Without the Endeavor-Fortuner competition, the large SUV section is currently an uneven fight with the balance shifted towards the Japanese carmaker. Other SUVs battling in the section are MG Gloster, Hyundai Tucson, and Mahindra Alturas.

Large SUV SalesSep-2021 SalesSep-2020 Sales
Toyota Fortuner 1,869 1,045
Ford Endeavor 0 694
MG Gloster 292 0
Hyundai Tucson 139 85
Mahindra Alturas 51 73

In September this year, MG Motor sold just 292 units of Gloster SUV, which arose as the second on the list. MG launched the Gloster SUV back in September last year, in front of the festive season.

Hyundai Tucson, which got a facelift in 2020, saw an ascent in deals the month before. Hyundai sold 139 units of Tucson SUV last month, contrasted with 85 units around the same time last year, up by around 63%.

Mahindra Alturas SUV is by all accounts the most un-supported decision in the fragment, regardless of the carmaker’s acclaim in creating SUVs. Mahindra sold just 51 units of Alturas in September this year, down from 73 units last year, with a decay of around 30% in year-on-year deals.

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