AEHRA Electric SUV Debuts With Supercar-Like Looks

With the vehicle you see here, Italian EV upstart company Aehra hopes to surpass all of its rivals in the crowded premium SUV market. Although it is not the first SUV to have gullwing doors, the Aehra SUV is the first to have both gullwing and butterfly doors for the time being.

Whatever you choose to call them, the front two open up and forward while the back two simply go up. Aehra prefers to refer to them as elytra-like doors. Unquestionably, the most eye-catching aspect of this new electric SUV is its doors, but it also has short front and rear overhangs and extremely thin side mirrors.

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The mirrors are modelled after racing motorcycles, and the windshield blends into the roof before sweeping backward to give the impression of a fastback. With a “courageous approach,” according to Aehra Chief Design Officer Filippo Perini, the body essentially ends at the SUV’s 118-inch wheelbase. The intriguing design is undoubtedly explained by Perini’s prior experience as Lamborghini’s chief designer.

Of course, the sleek shape is equally concerned with aerodynamic effectiveness as it is with aesthetics. Although the SUV has active aero components at the front and rear to optimise performance, efficiency, and safety, the exact efficiency is still unknown. Information on power and range will be released later. Aehra uses a lot of composite materials in the monobody design of the SUV.

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Hazim Nada, founder and chief executive officer of Aehra, said that the SUV “represents a radical combination of cutting-edge sustainable materials, ultra-advanced EV technology, smart manufacturing technologies, pure Italian design, and of course, a seminal moment in our company’s history.”

The SUV’s exterior was unveiled by Aehra in Milan, where the business is based. A follow-up electric sedan, due to make its debut in February 2023, is also being planned. If everything goes according to plan, customers will be able to purchase an SUV and a sedan in 2025.

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