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Affordable Cars That Make You Appear Rich

It was a general statement back in the day that only rich people can buy cars. In the early days; rich people used to have cars, and the poor had horses. Switch back to the present day and see how the tides have turned. While Affordable cars used to look dumber at the start, now they look way cool and mean. Sometimes even high-end cars look less inspiring than these.

It might be a surprise when you find some Porsches, Bentleys, and Maseratis on the list. But given the fact that some models are less popular than others, they sell at lower prices. This means you can pretend to be a rich guy by owning a luxury car at the fraction of its original price. That’s what the topic of today’s article is. So let’s begin:-

5. Mazda Miata

Affordable Cars That Make You Look Rich: Miata

The Miata is often crowned as the ‘Perfect Starter Car’ for the newcomers to the modding scene. It is an excellent example of higher performance at a lower cost. Its design has been pretty much consistent across its four generations. Its looks are what attracts people towards it. The new Mazda Miata is well under $30k and the used ones go for an average price of just below $16k. It can generate up to 181 HP and 205 Nm of torque.

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4. Porsche Boxster

Affordable Cars That Make You Look Rich: Boxster

Had the itch to try out a proper Porsche but didn’t have enough money? Fear not. The Boxster is a pretty affordable Porsche if you know which one to look for. A 2005-2006 987-gen Boxter can be yours for around $20k. The base 2.7-litre engine delivers 237 HP. If paired with the six-speed manual transmission this beast can hit 100 kmph from a standstill in 6.2 seconds. Its top speed is 256 kmph.

3. Cadillac Escalade

Affordable Cars That Make You Look Rich: Escalade

Nothing speaks rich like the Cadillac Escalade. This full-size luxury SUV has been powered by a V8 engine for over a decade. The luxury items, features and over-the-top approach meant the price had to be the same too. It was priced at $55,000 in 2005. Whereas right now, you can get one for $6,000!! That is dirt cheap, compared to the original sticker price. The second and third generations of this SUV were humongous, so big that you can include your friends to do a party and they won’t even feel a slight bump in the road. The top model of the second generation gets a 6.0-litre V8 engine that generates 345 HP. It is one of the best affordable cars on the list.

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2. Audi A8

This flagship sedan by Audi is enough to satisfy your luxury needs. You can get a second/third-generation model for as little as $10k. While that’s cheap enough to buy a Honda Accord, if you get an Audi for the same cost; why not buy it instead? With the A8, you get a luxury sedan with a solid aluminium structure as well as an adaptive air suspension that will provide extreme levels of comfort and safety to the occupants. The A8 will surely make you feel like Jason Statham from the Transporter movie series.

1. Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Buying a Rolls-Royce for less than $10k feels like a dream, right? Well, it isn’t. This Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is a very elegant full-size luxury sedan that was made from 1980 to 1999. The MkI car gets a 6.75 litre Rolls Royce V8 engine with a three-speed automatic gearbox. A total of 8126 Mk I Silver Spirit models were produced, that’s why you can find one at such a cheap price to pay for a Rolls-Royce. This one is a pure showcase of wealth, class and reputation at a fraction of the original cost. That’s why this Rolls-Royce tops our list of affordable cars that make you look rich.

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