All About Maruti Suzuki ArenaVerse You Need To Know

Maruti Suzuki ArenaVerse

All About Maruti Suzuki ArenaVerse You Need To Know

The ArenaVerse, a metaverse platform for their Arena dealership network, was just introduced by Maruti Suzuki. Users will be able to visually and creatively experience any Maruti Suzuki car. In actuality, after NexaVerse, ArenaVerse is the automaker’s second metaverse platform. The latter, which is for their Nexa chain of dealerships, was introduced last year.

What does this all mean?

ArenaVerse was created primarily to meet the needs of new-age users. It will guarantee that these users have personalised, dynamic digital experiences. It will draw in customers in a fresh way, allowing the automaker to expand its appeal among Gen-Z and younger consumers.


For customers to experience the ArenaVerse, Maruti Suzuki has already equipped over 700 Arena stores with Virtual Reality (VR) equipment throughout India. Additionally, internet users will be able to access the ArenaVerse web version via Maruti Suzuki’s official website.

How does it function?

The user must access the Maruti website for the model he wants to view. A more immersive and interactive shopping experience can be had by just clicking on the 3D representation of a salesperson in the right corner of the page. The user can then configure cars in ArenaVerse and communicate with salespeople online.

Anything else I need to understand?

With the NexaVerse, Maruti Suzuki launched this metaverse platform. Over 10,000 reservations for the Grand Vitara came from this platform alone, making it an immediate success. To allow potential consumers to sample all of its on-sale automobile models, the company has expanded this site to include its Arena customers.


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