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Amazing Restored Video Shows London Traffic In The 1940s

The perfect time to drive in London.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to drive in a city 80 years ago? We get to see a regular day of driving in London thanks to rare historical footage that has been cleaned and colourized for your viewing enjoyment. Let us take a step back in time to observe what life was like in 1940s London, when the streets were clogged with computer-filled SUVs with massaging seats. You can travel across time with your smartphone thanks to the YouTube channel NASS.

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The London of today is vastly different from the London of the 1940s. Although the fundamental arrangement of the streets has remained relatively unchanged, a lot has changed. We get a glimpse of London in the early 1940s in this video. Although many YouTube users claim that this footage is from the 1930s, barrage balloons can be seen in position to defend against the Luftwaffe during World War II.

In this movie, we get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch people, horse-drawn carriages, and automobiles all coexisting together. During this time, horse-drawn waggons were utilised to transport materials throughout London, alongside the new mechanical transportation trucks that would eventually take over the industry.

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Because there are fewer cars in London, the traffic flow appears to be much less congested than in modern cities. Almost every household now owns at least one car, clogging up the narrower streets that thrived in the 1940s. This simpler era of inner-city motoring harkens back to a time when automobiles were just coming of age, surrounded by previous modes of transportation that were gradually going away.

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Another paradigm shift in the way we use transportation has occurred. Modern-day London’s roads are being reshaped by improved public transportation, remote working, and electric vehicles.

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Source: NASS

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