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Amazing Secrets Of US President Motorcade

Needless to say, there are numerous secrets of the US President’s motorcade to ensure that the President’s safety is not jeopardized. The President of the United States rides in ‘The Beast,’ a Cadillac One. This vehicle has undergone numerous modifications to make it capable of withstanding almost any enemy attack. The Beast’s attention to detail regarding the President’s safety and health is simply unimaginable.

The President’s motorcade includes over 100 personnel and over 50 vehicles. A one-hour ride costs around $150,000, making it the most expensive motorcade in the world. The Beast is a component of The Secure Package, which includes other vehicles capable of jamming remote explosives by using two antennas to block any bomb activation signal. It also has anti-tank missile detection electronic warfare sensors. Then, around The Beast, there are three SUVs with security personnel ready to shoot any unusual suspect from the open windows. The doctor is in one of these SUVs.

US President Motorcade

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US President Motorcade Vehicles

A route car, pilot car, and lead car are at the front, along with a fleet of motorcycles (Sweepers) that are used to clear the road in front of the convoy. If there are any problems, they must choose an alternate route while also ensuring its safety. Behind the Secure Package are vehicles such as the ID car (which connects to other surveillance authorities), the road runner (a mobile communication centre), and the hazardous materials mitigation car (for chemical, nuclear, and biological attacks), as well as additional secret service agents, politicians, and members of the press.

Because of all the armour modifications, the President’s limousine is said to weigh between 7,000 and 9,000 kg. This includes bulletproof windows made of 5 layers of glass and polycarbonate that can even prevent bullets from penetrating the armour, concealed pump-action shotguns, tear gas cannons, blood bags for defensive purposes, a GPS tracking centre, the body of the car is made of 5-inch thick military-grade armour (made of titanium, aluminium, and steel) capable of withstanding grenade attacks, the front section has a tear gas grenade launcher, night-visibility

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