Audi India Raised The Prices of its Car Range

Audi India Raised Price

Audi India Raised The Prices of its Car Range

Audi India raised the pricing of its whole range by 1.7% last month due to growing input and operating costs. The firm has now published the updated ex-showroom pricing for its lineup.

Beginning with sedans, the A4 is offered in three trim levels: Premium, Premium Plus, and Technology. After the price increase, it now begins at Rs 43.85 lakh and goes up to Rs 51.85 lakh for the top-spec trim. In the meantime, the A6 is available in three trim levels: Premium Plus, Technology W/O Matrix, and Technology. With the price increase, the A6 now costs Rs 61.60 lakh for the basic model and Rs 66.26 lakh for the top model.

The A8L, on the other hand, now costs Rs 1.34 crore for the Celebration edition and Rs 1.62 crore for the Technology variation. The electric SUV, e-Tron, then receives a price increase of Rs 2.71 lakh and Rs 3.09 lakh, respectively, and now costs Rs 1.70 crore and Rs 1.94 crore for the S and RS trims.

Moving on to SUVs, the Q5 comes in three trim levels: Premium Plus, Technology, and Special Edition, with revised ex-showroom costs of Rs 61.51 lakh, Rs 67.31 lakh, and Rs 67.05 lakh, respectively. The Q7 features one new mid-variant, Technology W/O Matrix trim, which costs Rs 90.63 lakh, while the old Premium Plus and Technology versions have been lowered to Rs 84.70 lakh and Rs 92.30 lakh, respectively.

The Q8 is available in two variants: Celebration and 55 TFSi Quattro, with updated costs of Rs 1.06 crore and Rs 1.43 crore, respectively. Finally, the RS Q8 has been reduced in price by Rs 3.54 lakh from the ex-showroom price to Rs 2.22 crore.


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