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Audi RS6 Avant Gets A Brazilian Butt Lift Thanks To G&B Design

Adding a widebody package to any car is a certain way to make it stand out, and this Audi RS6, extensively modified by G&B Design, demonstrates just how daring the German super estate can be.

G&B Design may not be a big name, but the German firm has been modifying vehicles for over a decade and has now introduced its 6XTM bodykit for the RS6. This bodykit has noticeable new fenders that broaden the car by 8 cm on both front and rear sides.

While the kit isn’t the most outlandish we have seen for the RS6, G&B Design says it is the widest kit available that has TUV approval in Germany. The rear wheel arches are particularly striking as they feature large air extraction vents on the back, although it is hard to tell from these photos if they are functional or purely aesthetic.

This RS6 has received a number of other enhancements. For example, it now features a more noticeable front splitter made of carbon fibre, as well as an aftermarket hood that contributes to the threatening appearance.

G&B Design has also fitted the car with distinctive side skirts and a set of forged wheels spanning 2112 inches at all four corners and encased in enormous 325/25 tyres. The bronze-colored spokes and deep-dish chrome rims on these wheels create a strong statement.

The modifications wrap up at the rear end where there is a new bumper and diffuser that has seen the Audi logo shifted from the tailgate to the diffuser and much to our surprise, the design works quite well. A large rooftop spoiler also catches the eye


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