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Auto News highlights:- Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel, Ford Car Amazon Alexa, Mercedes EQS Production, Ola Electric Car London, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Car Sets World Record

A Hyundai Australia group, with rally driver Brendan Reeves in the driver’s seat. Broke the world record for the distance went by a single tank hydrogen-controlled vehicle with the Hyundai Nexo.


(Tesla ‘s Deliveries Break Record of All Time.)

The hydrogen-fueled Hyundai Nexo, which is likewise a zero-outflow vehicle. Has made the world record by going between the urban communities of Melbourne and Broken Hill in Australia. The Hyundai vehicle covered a distance of 887.5 kilometers.

The past record of 778 kilometers is on the name of Bertrand Piccard. A French pilot and leader of the Solar Impulse Foundation, two years prior. He too had utilized a Hyundai Nexo vehicle to make the past record.

Ford Cars To Offer Amazon Alexa Support

Following the footstep of Tesla. Ford also will offer software updates in its vehicles beginning from Mustang Mach-E electric hybrid and F150 pick-up. As per a report, the over-the-air software programming gaming facility and Amazon Alexa will available as Ford Power-Up. The company has additionally reported as of late that it will push its new BlueCruise driver-assist system through the technology.


With SYNC 4 innovation, a driver can utilize Alexa for more voice-initiated interaction, limiting the need to contact or view the touchscreens assisting one with remaining fixed out and about. With this utilization, one can undoubtedly cooperate with their vehicles by saying ‘Alexa, find the closest fuel station.’

Mercedes EQS Electric Sedan Starts Production

Mercedes Benz has begun production of the EQS electric vehicle, its response to Tesla Model S. The first EQS electric car was rolled out of the production system of Factory 56, in Sindelfingen in Germany recently.

The luxury electric vehicle was shown toward the beginning of April. Highlighting various shocking innovation things, including a “Hyperscreen” alternative with a screen that covers the whole instrument board and furthermore with controlling that moves the back pivot wheels.

mercedes eqs (1)

Mercedes Benz gave an explanation that read. “The creation and advancement of the EQS follow another idea. Mercedes-Benz item improvement and creation are getting progressively digital and savvy. The MO360 advanced biological system frames the premise of creation.”

(770 km range Mercedes EQS sedan details revealed ahead of launch)

Ola Launched Electric Cab In London

Ola has declared that it will launch a new category on its application through which customers can book an electric vehicle for their rides. The new category in London is a ‘worldwide first’ for the India-based ride-hailing company.

The new category will have Ola EV name on it. The organization has said that its London customers will able to use this in the beginning of this week. As indicated by the organization, the Ola EV class will cost riders equivalent to a solace classification.


Costliest Pre-Owned Lamborghini In India

Supercars are in every case very costly and have a position of prominence quality in the garage of the rich and acclaimed who can bear to have one of these. Rarely at any point however is a limited edition supercar accessible in the second-hand market and this is the thing that makes one specific unit of Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Limited Edition.

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Big Boy Toyz, known for its assortment of used luxury, fascinating, and imported vehicles available to be purchased in India. Today reported getting what it claims to the most costly used vehicle ever in the country. The glossy yellow Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is accessible for buy regardless of its price – not uncovered by the company- is probably going to be cosmically high considering it is a limited edition.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has an ex-showroom sticker price of around ₹6 crore. And all Lamborghini vehicles in India are imported.


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