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Auto News Highlights – Hyundai Kona, Honda Legend, TVS Apache, New Safety Rule, Kabira Mobility.

Hyundai:- Hyundai recalls the Kona electric which was manufactured between April 2019 to October 2020. Hyundai had sold 45 units during this period. The recall was carried on the basis of a problem with the car’s high-voltage battery management system. the customers have to wait for 2 months to get the car back. This will be the most expensive recall in Hyundai’s history. Globally 76,000 units will be covered in the recall for free of cost. This incident will surely affect the ambitions of buying electric cars.

hyundai kona

Honda:- Honda Legend surpasses Tesla to launch a level 3 autonomous car commercially. The Honda Legend got approval late last year so now Honda can sell the new autonomous car in Japan. By that, the car becomes the first production vehicle in the world with level 3-autonomous capability.

honda legend

How to Take Care of Your Car.

TVS:- TVS Apache 200 single ABS gets ride modes. Earlier the riding mode was only available for the dual-channel ABS. The new apache 200 will get the 3 modes as the dual-ABS. The sports mode, rain mode, and urban mode. The rain mode includes the maximum ABS performance while the top is regulated. In the sport mode maximum, top speed can be obtained but the ABS efficiency gets reduced. And in the urban mode speed and the ABS is equally balanced. the 2021 model will be available for Rs.1.28 lakh.

apache 200

Safety:- The Ministry of Road Transports has implemented the new rule for new cars to mandatorily have airbags for the front passenger seat. The rule will be mandated from the 1st of April 2021. “This has been mandated as an important safety feature, and is also based on the suggestions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety,” the ministry said.

dual airbag

Kabira Mobility:-Kabira Mobility has announced that the KM3000 and the KM4000 get 6000 bookings in just 4 days of the sale. Both the bikes were launched on the 16 of February. And the booking of electric bikes was started on the 25th of February. The company has sold out the first batch and will bring the second batch soon for booking as the company suggests. The delivery of the 1st batch will start from 1st of May this year.

kabira bikes

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