Auto Shows Every Car Enthusiast Must Visit | Top 8 International Auto Shows

Auto Show, the perfect place for car enthusiasts to see their favorite car companies displaying their upcoming cars in the car market. Every year the car industries witness many innovative cars and technology, and this is the platform that helps it get to the buyers easily. Their car over countless Auto Show that car held all over the world, this list is all about the top car show that every car enthusiast must visit.

  • Shanghai Auto Show
  • Middle East Motor Show
  • Sema Auto Show
  • New York International Auto Show
  • Miami International Auto Show
  • Geneva International Auto Show
  • Frankfurt Auto Show

1. Shanghai International Auto Show


Auto Shanghai, officially known as the Shanghai International Auto Show, is an automotive show held in China every year. The 1st Shanghai Auto Show was held in 1985 and is the oldest auto show in China. It also became the first auto show of China to join the Union des Foires Internationales (UFI). This year i.e. 2021 the Shanghai International Auto Show will be held from 19th to 28th April.

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2. Middle East International Motor Show


The Dubai International Auto Show, officially known as The Middle East International Motor Show. This is known to be the largest Auto show across The Middle East and North Africa. This show has the most exclusive as well as most expensive cars on the showcase, starting from the Mansory to Gemballa. The cars like the gold-plated Bugatti, fully carbon spec Lamborghini Urus or the 5000 horsepower Devil Sixteen make this show the unique place for car enthusiasts. If you want to visit the show, the show is held from November 10th – 14th every year.

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3. Sema Auto show


Like the other Auto Shows, this show isn’t about the release of new supercars or concept cars. The show has the most amazing moded cars of the American car market, which consists of cars from big wheel-pimped-out trucks to low-ride Cadillacs. There are also cars from the racing games like the Forza Horizon. This is held in Las Vegas in the month of November.

4. New York International Auto Show


The New York International Auto Show is held at the end of August every year. This car show is all about the new production cars that are coming up by the companies.

5. Miami International Auto Show


This show is been held every year due to the climate conditions in Maimi. It’s similar to the New York Auto Show with new cars launch and more stuff like that. But it also displays cars from the early 19s as well. in 2019, the show had a crowd of 30,000 people.

6. Geneva International Motor Show


The Geneva International Motor Show(GIMS) is one of the biggest and the famous automotive shows of all time. This is the place where every supercar lover must visit. Here, you can see the best of the best supercar lineup of all time. The car companies like the Pagani, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin reveal their supercars over this show. You get to see the world’s most expensive cars ever made from the branks like Mansory and Brabus, who upgrade the standard supercars to the next level.

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7. Frankfurt Auto Show


The recent Frankfurt Auto Show was quite a special one, as many of the car companies had the EVs on the floor. And what made it more special was the launch of Lamborghini’s most powerful car ever made called the Sian. Also being the home auto show of Mercedes they have also launched their EQS at the 2019 show. The Auto Show is held from September 7th to 12th of 2021.

8. Auto Expo


Auto Expo is one of the biggest auto shows which is held in India. This is where every Indian car enthusiast would like to visit. The Indian car market is base on commercial and reliability other than supercars so you might not be able to see cars from Mclaren, Ferrari, or Lamborghini. But there are concept cars that will blow your mind.


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