Avenger 220 Bajaj “Army Green” Written by Mohammad Muslehuddin

Avenger 220 Bajaj

Among India’s most comfy motorcycles is the Bajaj Avenger. The greatest choice for individuals who enjoy riding their motorcycle for long distances is this model because to its low seat height, extra-cushioned seats, and straight driving position. Recently, Bajaj Auto split the Avenger squad into two distinct groups: one for fans of dark-themed motorcycles (Avenger Street), and another for people who prefer chrome artwork (Avenger Cruise).

Avenger 220 Bajaj "Army Green" Written by Mohammad Muslehuddin

One such rider, Mohammad Muslehuddin, chose to ignore both of these groupings and gave his Avenger a unique “Army Green” look. His Avenger 220 comes with custom pieces that help it stand out from any stock Avenger in India, unlike other bikes with shade variations.

This Avenger’s body panels were constructed to give it a little extra weight. Rear fender now more closely resembles the UM Renegade Commando, and curving fuel tank is replaced with one that is sloped inward and has flat sides and a unique Avenger emblem. The components are all painted a matte army green colour.

Avenger 220 Bajaj "Army Green" Written by Mohammad Muslehuddin

The rear backrest of this Avenger has chrome supports and is connected to a compact luggage carrier. Both the outstanding Avenger exhaust system and suspension elements are available with chrome. The dark theme Avenger Street series is where the alloy wheels come from. In its 2018 lineup, the Bajaj Avenger is powered by two different engine choices. 18.8 BHP and 17.5 Nm are produced by the 220cc, single-cylinder oil-cooled engine at 8400 and 7000 rpm, respectively.

However, the 180cc, single-cylinder Avenger 180 Street engine produces 13.7 Nm of torque and 15.5 BHP. A 5-speed manual gearbox is connected to both engines. The Avenger owned by Mohammad has extras including fog lights, a full-sized front windshield, and a specially made rear brake light. The engine is maintained in its typical silver colour.

Avenger 220 Bajaj "Army Green" Written by Mohammad Muslehuddin
Avenger 220 Bajaj "Army Green" Written by Mohammad Muslehuddin


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