BAC Mono Teased With Hydrogen Powertrain

The exotic car manufacturer wants to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

BAC released an updated version of the Mono app nearly two years ago (see the related links below). The updated single-seater debuted with a fresh design, greater power, and less weight than before, and it maintained its road-legal status in Europe, where it meets emissions, noise, and safety laws. Briggs Automotive Company has now revealed that it is developing a hydrogen-powered motor for the sports car.

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The first teaser images of the alternatively powered Mono have been released by the British company, albeit the shots do not indicate any design differences from the combustion variant. BAC is teaming together with Viritech, a hydrogen powertrain engineering firm, on this new project, which will focus on the FCEV powertrain beneath the recognisable skin. The Niche Vehicle Network Feasibility Study Grant will help fund the development of the “engine,” which will look into constructing a hydrogen powertrain for niche vehicle applications.

Unfortunately, no technical specifics are available at this time, but BAC claims that this new effort is in support of the automaker’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. We’re relieved to find that the Mono’s driving qualities will be unaffected by the alternative-fuel powertrain, as BAC emphasises that lightness has always been a major principle for the car.

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BAC Director of Product Development Neill Briggs said, “We are happy to be partnering with Viritech and their ground-breaking approach to FCEV.” “In all we do, technology has always been at the forefront of our development, and we remain devoted to researching new automotive advancements.” Alternative fuels, along with lightweight construction processes, significantly cut vehicle emissions without sacrificing driver involvement, something we are committed to keeping at BAC.”

There’s no word on when we’ll see the Mono FCEV in its whole, but these photographs show it’s already in the works. We’ll most likely get more specifics shortly, so stay tuned.

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