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Bajaj Pulsar N250 vs NS200 Long Drag Race

This video of a vintage long drag race between the Bajaj Pulsar N250 and NS200 is educational. We all know that Bajaj is the market leader for motorcycles in India thanks to its Pulsar line, which offers models in almost all the key market segments. Every significant class of motorcycles below the 250-cc segment has a Pulsar. What transpires, however, when a BS4 Pulsar is pitted against a BS6 Pulsar? Let’s investigate.

The YouTuber uses the NS200 for the initial round while giving his friend the N250. The bikers accelerate to full speed on the count of three. The NS200 quickly caught up and passed the N250 after taking a small early lead. After that, the NS200 controlled every aspect of the race for the duration. It was frequently able to exceed 140 km/h, whereas the N250 was most of the time stuck at 138 km/h.

Bajaj Pulsar N250 vs NS200 Long Drag Race

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The YouTuber decided to switch the riders for the next round. By accounting for the different riders’ driving styles, it helps to maintain the results’ accuracy. The outcome, though, essentially stays the same. No matter how long the stretch was, the N250 was unable to overtake the NS200 once it had taken the lead. This disproves the notion that a bike should be judged solely on the power of its engine.

Finally, we would like to caution our readers against not trying such stunts on the roads without supervision or expertise. The YouTubers take a lot of precautions and measures behind the scene to ensure that safety is not compromised. However, most people don’t see that in the video and try to imitate them. That could get really dangerous. Therefore, we urge you to not follow such practices and be cognizant of traffic regulations and road safety.

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