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Bajaj Pulsar Rider Crashes While Eve-teasing, Helped by Kind Girl

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Unfortunately, there are a ton of people on the road, particularly the youngsters who waste a lot of their time trying to impress girls with dangerous bike stunts.

In this heart-warming video, a girl is seen helping the man who falls off his Bajaj Pulsar seconds after he misbehaved with her. The entire incident has now been captured on CCTV. When this man arrives on his bike, the girl is waiting at the bus stop. (yugatech.com) He is seen approaching the girl and asking her to sit on the bike while not wearing a helmet. For a long time, the girl ignored him. He rode his bike around the neighbourhood, coming and going.

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Man Falls Off Bajaj Pulsar After He Misbehaved With A Girl

Finally, he attempts a drift after the bike’s tyre loses traction. He is suddenly seen lying on the ground, holding his left arm. There are a few people nearby, but no one wants to help him. This is understandable given that they had just witnessed him misbehaving with the girl. To everyone’s surprise, it was the girl who approached the man on the ground and started tending to his wounds. She offered her scarf to be wrapped around the wound. The guy’s bleeding elbow is clearly visible in the video.

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She then hands him a bottle of water to calm him down. Meanwhile, another bystander stops to pick up the fallen bike and properly park it. He also joins the girl in assisting the injured. What’s more impressive is that the girl runs over an auto-rickshaw and transports the man to the hospital. She is seen getting into the car and driving the man to medical help. This is an extremely generous act by the girl, for which she has received a lot of praise on the internet.

We hope that guys stop doing stupid things on the road. They endanger not only the safety of others, but also their own. Stopping such acts is an important first step toward establishing road safety on our roads. Unfortunately, Indian roads are regarded as among the most dangerous in the world, and we would like to shed this unflattering label.

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