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Best Cars In GTA 3: Mafia Sentinel, Banshee and More

Rockstar Games took a major leap when they made a switch to 3D in GTA 3. Unlike the conventional top-down view of GTA 2, the world of GTA 3 was fully realized. The story was okay at times, but the driving portion was revolutionary for its times. Given the fact that majority of GTA includes driving, Rockstar had to include some nice vehicles in the game. Various types of vehicles are included in the game, ranging from normal hatchbacks to some serious sports cars. Let’s have a look at the best cars that you can find in the game:-

  • Mafia Sentinel
  • Diablo Stallion
  • Banshee
  • Yakuza Stinger
  • Cheetah

5. Mafia Sentinel

Best Cars In GTA 3

The Sentinel in GTA 3 is no slacker, but when pitted against the Mafia’s tuned-up counterpart, there’s no match in terms of speed. The Mafia Sentinel is available in grey alone, with tinted front windows for added privacy. Aside from that, the two vehicles appear to be strikingly similar, with both taking design cues from the BMW E36 3 Series. It’s also quite hefty, which makes it ideal for ramming other vehicles.

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4. Diablo Stallion

Continuing with the gang cars, Diablo Stallion is one of the best cars available in the portland district of GTA 3. The Stallion is reminiscent of some of the legendary 2-door Oldsmobiles from the late 1960s and early 1970s in terms of design. It’s a favourite of the Diablos gang, who can be seen driving about in specially modified versions of the car all the time. These modified muscle vehicles are recognised for their better appearance as well as greater speed. With the exposed engine and blazing decals, it’s not only cooler to look at, but it’s also faster, more durable, and its engine sounds better.

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3. Banshee

In GTA 3, there’s really only one way to feel the wind in your massive, polygonal hair: the Banshee. It’s clearly modelled after a Dodge Viper, and it’s one of the game’s fastest cars, despite the fact that, unlike its inspiration, it doesn’t mind taking the odd corner. Best of all, if you go to Capital Autos in the Portland area at the start of the game, you can get it right away. It comes in handy for those missions that need you to get somewhere quick. 

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2. Yakuza Stinger

When you reach the second island of GTA 3, the first car accessible to you is the Yakuza Stinger. This modified version of the iconic Stinger is not only one of the game’s quickest vehicles, but it also handles beautifully, making it the ultimate getaway car for urban settings. They’re easily available and sharp enough to scythe through heavy traffic. We also appreciate the two-tone paint job it has.

1. Cheetah

Best Cars In GTA 3

This car is a true jewel, as evidenced by the fact that it has appeared in every GTA game since its debut. The Cheetah is perhaps the best-looking car in GTA 3. It is primarily based on the Ferrari Testarossa. It’s also one of the most fun to drive, with a crazily high top speed and handling that Enzo would almost surely be pleased with. Unfortunately, finding a Cheetah is more challenging than driving one. It ranks equally on the list of best cars in GTA 3 with the Infernus.

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