BH Mark Nameplate Or New Bharat Series Introduced For Vehicle Registration

Format Of New BH Mark Nameplate For Vehicles: What it means

If you often shift base around the country and need to stay away from the problem of going through the way toward transferring registration of your vehicle each time you do that, finally there is some good news for you. The Center has introduced an all-new vehicle registration mark called the Bharat series or ‘BH’ in all vehicles. This will make driving your vehicle to any part of the country without any need to register in a specific part of the nation.

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The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has delivered this circular on Bharat Series vehicles on Friday. The new BH series vehicles won’t need any transfer of registration and will be legitimate across the country. This facility will be accessible on a voluntary basis to the Defense workforce and also to the Central and State Government employees. Employees of privately owned businesses having workplaces in at least four states can likewise have the advantage of this facility.

The greatest advantage of this will be for individuals with transferable jobs, who keep on moving to one state then onto the next. This will assist with people shifting base to keep away from the way toward transferring registration of their vehicles each time they move to another state.

In the process of transfer of registration from the parent state to another state as, under area 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, an owner is permitted to keep his vehicle for not more than a year in any state other than the state where the vehicle is enrolled. The owners need to get another registration with the new state authority within the specified time period.

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Format of BH Mark Nameplate & Registration 

New BH Series Number Plate

The Format of BH registration has been kept as YY BH 4144 XX YY which means the time of first registration of BH, then, Bharat series code 4-0000 to 9999 (randomized) XX-letters in order (AA to ZZ).

It has been told in the notice that under the BH series, the motor vehicle tax will be required for 2 years or 4, 6, 8 years. The plan will facilitate the free movement of private vehicles when they are moved to the new state. Motor vehicle tax will be imposed every year after the fourteenth year which will be half of the sum recently collected for that vehicle.

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