BMW iX M60 Electric SUV Globally Revealed

BMW iX M60 Electric SUV Globally Revealed
BMW iX M60 Electric SUV Globally Revealed

BMW Unveiled the iX M60

The BMW M car, which is designed for entirely electric mobility, is now unveiled at the CES 2022. It’s the BMW iX M60, a car with 610 horsepower and 1015 Nm of torque, or 1100 Nm if Launch Control is engaged. The BMW iX M60 combines the best of BMWi, BMW X vehicles, and BMW M GmbH into one vehicle. The BMW iX M60 is produced in the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing alongside the other model versions. In June 2022, the global market will open.

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BMW iX M60 Electric SUV Globally Revealed

The iX M60 can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is electronically limited to 250 kmph. It is has claimed range of upto 566 kilometres. It is determined in the WLTP test cycle. At all speeds, the BMW iX M60’s superbly balanced driving qualities give it a confident and light-footed feel. It may also be driven to its physical limitations, providing clear feedback to the driver in the BMW M style.

Design And Construction

The iX M60’s performance, efficiency, and range are also aided by its improved aerodynamic qualities. It result in a drag coefficient (Cd value) of 0.26 in Sport Mode. The high-voltage battery is housed deep under the vehicle’s underbody, lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity and ensuring nimble handling and evenly distributed axle loads. The suspension set-up, as well as the body construction and design approach, are all targeted toward combining exceptional ride comfort with dynamic handling characteristics. The carbon cage with carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the roof, side, and rear sections, as well as the aluminium spaceframe idea, are an innovative blend of components that combine enhanced rigidity with reduced weight.

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Notable Features

BMW iX M60 Electric SUV Globally Revealed

The new edition of the iDrive display and control technology allows for natural dialogue between the driver and the car. It is based on the new BMW Operating System 8 and was created with a strong focus on the touch function of the new BMW Curved Display and voice communication with the Intelligent Personal Assistant, which has been greatly expanded. The new iX is also a pioneer in data transfer using the 5G mobile phone standard, as well as in the integration of a personal mobile phone account into the car via the Personal eSIM.

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