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BMW M3 Touring Teaser Details Performance Tweaks, Previews Cargo Space

How many crates of drinks can you get in the boot?

BMW will be hosting one of the most anticipated premieres in 2022. The first-ever M3 Touring will be unveiled shortly, and a new teaser film featuring the fast waggon has been released. What began as a wild notion and evolved into the official M3 Touring by merging an M3 with a 3 Series waggon. But what makes it unique?

“Like no other automobile, the new BMW M3 Touring will enthral drivers with outstanding driving dynamics and practicality, as well as the increased space available in an estate car concept in a highly competitive category. “In doing so, it will, typically for a BMW M3, be nothing less than the benchmark for driving dynamics in a vehicle with five seats, five doors, and greatly increased stowage space,” Hagen Franke, M3 Touring project manager, explains.

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BMW also discusses its enthusiasm when creating and engineering the M3 Touring and the procedures it went through from the original idea to the Nurburgring testing in a new film previewing the performance variant, which can be seen at the top of this page. The powerful waggon will be a spiritual successor to the M5 Touring, which was introduced in 1992. The M3 Touring Concept was revealed by BMW in 2000 as a glimpse into the future. Is the new M3 Touring more concerned with performance or utility?

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“First and foremost, it’s a BMW M3 – complete with all of the driving dynamics and characteristics that have defined this model series over numerous decades.” This is complemented by the Touring concept’s flexibly useable BMW attributes. “However, it will surely be more of a racer than a workhorse,” M3 Touring project manager Robert Pilsl adds.

Do you want to learn more about the film before it makes its formal and full debut? You can discover more about the performance changes made to the car, as well as how many crates of beverages you can put into the trunk, by watching the video below (believe us, it’s entertaining). Spoiler alert: it’s more than the M3 car can accommodate.

Source: BMW

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