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BMW’s 31-Inch In-Car Theatre Screen Has Built-In Amazon Fire TV

BMW created a massive screen for the back seat with 8K resolution that is likely destined for production cars in the near future.

  • BMW has unveiled the Theatre Screen, an ultrawide screen measuring 31 inches and with up to 8K resolution.
  • Amazon’s Fire TV service is integrated into the Theatre Screen and operates off the vehicle’s 5G connection.
  • BMW didn’t specify when the Theatre Screen will hit the market, but the entertainment system should reach production soon.

Despite declining to attend the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in person, BMW still showcased its latest products via a livestream event. Along with the unveiling of the BMW iX M60, BMW also unveiled the Theatre Screen, which it describes as “future in-car entertainment.”

The Theatre Screen is a 31-inch panorama display that lowers from the ceiling for the rear seats. The screen has a resolution of 8000 by 2000 pixels and can display information in three formats: 16:9, 21:9, and even 32:9. The screen also features integrated Amazon Fire TV and 5G connectivity, according to BMW, making it the highest-resolution and largest display for any in-car Fire TV system.

My Mode Theatre is a new setting introduced by the Theatre Screen. The screen lowers from the roof when the automobile is in this mode, accompanied by a music cue composed by legendary composer Hans Zimmer. My Mode Theatre additionally lowers the blinds in the side and rear windows and dims the ambient illumination in the back. The screen is controlled by touch pads on the back doors, and it works in conjunction with the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system. BMW hasn’t announced when the Theatre Screen would be available in consumer vehicles, but it has hinted that the new entertainment system is on its way to manufacturing.



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