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Bugatti Chiron Successor Will Be “Heavily Electrified,” Mate Rimac Says

Rimac says the next-gen Bugatti has “a very attractive combustion engine.”

Bugatti’s order books for the Chiron and Bolide are completely full, which means it’s time for the company’s leaders to start thinking about what’s next. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Mate Rimac, who also manages the namesake EV manufacturer, gives an idea of what to expect from the new model.

“The simplest option for us would be to slap a Bugatti emblem on the Nevera and call it a day. But I was opposed to it. Although I prefer electric vehicles, I believe that a Bugatti should continue to use a combustion engine for some time. However, it will be developed in a commercially sustainable manner “Automotive News Europe spoke with Rimac.

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The new Bugatti is described by Rimac as “heavily electrified” with “a really appealing combustion engine.” There is currently no information on the displacement or cylinder configuration of the powertrain.

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These words are consistent with Rimac’s previous statements concerning the Bugatti’s future. He confessed last year that the model had been in the works for nearly a year. In 2022, he intimated that the company’s wealthiest clientele would get a sneak peek. Those without the financial means to purchase one will have to wait until 2024 for the public debut.

According to an earlier video interview, Rimac expects people to be “amazed” by the new Bugatti. According to him, the model includes never-before-seen features on a production vehicle.

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The upcoming Bugatti model’s shape is still a mystery. It’s possible that it won’t be a mid-engined vehicle. Rimac is considering developing a coupe with a large hood or a crossover-style vehicle for the brand. Bugatti’s future also includes a full electric vehicle, which Rimac hopes to launch by the end of the decade.

Rimac and Bugatti merged in 2021, with Porsche also holding a 45-percent share in the newly combined automaker. Rimac is building a new headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. In this interview, Rimac says he wants the site to be part of the larger community. “We have kids driving around here with their little bicycles, looking at how we do things. I would feel terrible if we had to exclude them,” he told Automotive News Europe.

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