Bugatti EV & SUV Won’t Happen In The Next 10 Years: CEO Mate Rimac

Bugatti is not opting for entirely electric vehicles as of now but adopting heavy electrification for the Chiron successor.

Bentley, Aston Martin, and Rolls-Royce have all recently joined the SUV bandwagon. Ferrari’s Purosangue is also set to join the list. McLaren is also seriously considering it. However, according to Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac in an interview with German magazine Autobmobilwoche, the automaker is not ready to join the fray in the next ten years.

The Bugatti SUV or an electric vehicle from the brand, according to Rimac, are not part of the automaker’s 10-year strategy. While not venturing into the EV arena is not surprising, it is a surprising revelation from the brand at a time when almost all automakers are hopping on the EV bandwagon. Interestingly, when Bugatti talks about an all-internal combustion engine-driven future until 2032, many car brands will have abandoned ICE vehicles by then, at least in certain markets.

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Despite ignoring electric vehicles, Bugatti appears to be unable to ignore electrification. The elite car brand is about to be hit harder by tightening emission standards. This is most likely why Bugatti has decided to retire the iconic W16 engine with the Mistral roadster. It also hinted that the Bugatti Chiron’s successor will have a hybrid powertrain. It will be highly electrified.

Instead of a W16 engine, the Bugatti Chiron successor is expected to have a downsized internal combustion engine. According to Bugatti, it will be a very appealing combustion engine. The vehicle is set to make its debut in 2024. It remains to be seen whether Bugatti will bring a completely unique engine or one derived from a Volkswagen Group petrol engine. It could be powered by the same V12 engine as the Lamborghini Aventador successor, which is set to make its debut next year.