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Watch: Bugatti Veyron Wheel Gets Cut Open In The Name Of Science, Costs $25,000

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The Bugatti Veyron wheel was cut using a waterjet in 10 minutes.

Everything about the Bugatti cars is exorbitantly priced. From the car itself to each individual component. The car’s large aluminium wheels can cost between $10,000 and $40,000 each. A video posted to the Waterjet YouTube channel showed a $25,000 wheel being cut open with a water jet to reveal what was inside. The wheel is fitted with a custom-made Michelin 365 series tyre. This brings the total cost of the wheel and tyre to around $35,000 USD.

Bugatti is fussy when it comes to inspecting its vehicles. The video claims that each wheel is subjected to an x-ray inspection at every tyre change in order to check for hairline cracks in the aluminium.

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The revelation from the video shows that Bugatti wheels include an inner ring that can support the tyre in case of a blowout. The waterjet slices the wheel all up in just 10 minutes, creating a piece of Bugatti aluminium pie.

OZ Racing created the wheels for Bugatti, and the tyres are actually glued to the wheel when installed. To ensure the integrity of the wheel and the quality of the bead seal when tyres are mounted up, Bugatti only allows two new sets of tyres to be installed on wheels before new wheels are required. Given that a new set of Veyron wheels and tyres can easily cost more than $100,000, this is an extremely costly service.

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