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Buggati fallen short at car development – Official

Rimac’s acquisition of Bugatti is one of the most spectacular automotive weddings in recent history. Since 1998, Volkswagen has owned Bugatti, but on November 2nd, 2021, Rimac, a Croatian electric vehicle manufacturer, formally took over ownership. While this is an excellent method for both firms to progress, Mate Rimac’s second ambition for Bugatti is to assume much better control over development expenditures, which Volkswagen did not do so successfully.

Buggati fallen short at car development

Bugatti, like other carmakers, must make the switch to electricity in order to remain relevant in an all-electric future. While the future is still purely hypothetical, it was evident that Volkswagen had no idea how to manage the French automobile manufacturer. The German company’s decision to outsource a large portion of its operations allowed them to avoid investing billions in Bugatti’s transition to an electric vehicle manufacturer.

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Ferdinand Piech, the former CEO of Volkswagen, brought the Bugatti brand into the VAG family. With him no longer alive, Volkswagen had to choose between extinguishing the Bugatti name or selling it to escape the logistical issues of the company’s reorganisation.

The Bugatti EB110, which was regrettably overshadowed by the McLaren F1 in the 1990s, is one of the world’s fastest vehicles, and we don’t need to stress the fact that some of the world’s fastest automobiles bear the Bugatti logo. Mate Rimac, when asked about the hypercar company, said, “On a car-by-car basis, Bugatti is highly successful,” but he also emphasised Bugatti’s former owner, Volkswagenwasteful ,’s attitude to the hypercar manufacturing.

Buggati fallen short at car development

“People would be surprised how profitable each one is; I certainly was. But it has been less successful in developing cars. It cost them more to create the Bugatti Chiron from the Bugatti Veyron, which has the same W-16 engine and eight-speed gearbox than we spent developing our Rimac Nevera from scratch.”

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Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Automobili, describes the purchase of Bugatti as a “win-win-win-win.” The electric vehicle start-up acquired a 113-year-old corporation, while Porsche, as a member of VAG, controls 45 percent of the Bugatti brand. For a long time, there had been discussion of a relationship between Porsche and Rimac, and now we know how it will work for both firms.

According to Mate Rimac, another “win-win” is that “it’s a win for the staff, because we’ll expand.” It’s also a win for customers because we’ll be releasing some interesting new goods soon. We’re not going to hump along; we’re going to thrive.” The Croatian electric vehicle company has big ideas for Bugatti and, more significantly, the funds to “re-arm” Bugatti. In comparison to Volkswagen’s ownership, when Bugatti was more of a neglected kid, it would expand and achieve new heights under Rimac’s care.



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