Bullet From A Royal Enfield With Reverse Gear (Details & Video)

Bullet From A Royal Enfield With Reverse Gear (Details & Video)

Due to the difficulty of pulling large motorcycles backwards, several reputable manufacturers include a reverse gear in their top-of-the-line cruiser motorcycles. They are about four times as heavy as a typical commuter motorbike, and their reverse gear makes manoeuvring through any circumstance simple.

Jagdish Rawal has included the feature into a regular Royal Enfield Bullet because not everyone can buy a Honda Goldwing. The following video demonstrates how turning the wheel in the opposite direction with the gear lever can be useful to riders. It appears that the speed limiter meant to make moving backwards safer is absent from the Bullet’s reverse gear.

Reverse acceleration may occur if the throttle is turned slightly more forcefully. However, with the right training, a rider can comprehend the intensity and utilise the feature in a variety of challenging situations, such as reversing on a slope or a surface covered in sharp stones.

The modification involved swapping out the original gearbox for one obtained from the sidecar supplier. When it comes to customization, Royal Enfield is the most popular bike in India, and Jagdish Rawal elevated this reputation with the Bullet with reverse gear. The owner did not disclose the cost of upgrading from the old gearbox to this one.

A motorcycle with a gearbox lever on the right side underwent the alteration. In 2010, Royal Enfield stopped manufacturing this engine and gearbox combination. It is unknown if the currently available engine can use the same method.

The Classic 350 is the Royal Enfield model that is most popular. For its supporters, it provides an electric starter, disc brakes, improved tyres, and a wide range of colour options. The motorcycle’s 346cc single cylinder engine produces 19.8 BHP and 28 Nm of torque. A 5-speed gearbox is the default gearbox for this engine.


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