Bulleteer Customs’ 500cc Royal Enfield Red Baron Motorcycle

Bulleteer Customs' 500cc Royal Enfield Red Baron Motorcycle

Red Baron was originally a 500 cc Royal Enfield, but after falling into the hands of Bulleteer Customs, it was successfully transformed into an exquisite work of art. Red Baron is distinguished from all other vehicles by its dark theme livery by its abundance of chrome and vibrant Red body panels.

Bulleteer Customs' 500cc Royal Enfield Red Baron Motorcycle

It was created for an Indian Army commander and was given the name of a well-known German fighter pilot. The motorcycle’s stock fuel tank is swapped out for a peanut tank that is painted bright red and bears the words “The Red Baron” in a unique font.

For visual brilliance, the long seat has been replaced with a single piece that is only lightly padded. The taillight, headlight, and indicators all had a lot of chrome decoration.

The ideal proportions were achieved by Bulleteer Customs using 120 mm front and 140 mm rear tyres. The location of this wheel necessitates a little adjustment to the swing-arm. They painted the engine black and obtained a bespoke exhaust to go with the motorcycle’s attitude.

Red Baron employs the factory-installed rear suspension, and the machine’s indicators were also fixed there. The gasoline tank’s colour matches the cut-off front and rear fenders’ finish.

They even replaced the storage space with a cylindrical chrome custom element in addition to using spoke wheels with a chrome finish that go well with Red Baron’s showy persona. The fuel tank also has the declaration “Made by Bulleteer Customs” next to the fuel cap.

Bulleteer Customs' 500cc Royal Enfield Red Baron Motorcycle


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