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Bus Turns Into Flamethrower When CNG Tanks On Roof Explode

When internal combustion becomes external, it’s a terrifying sight.

We are all aware that the automobile industry is moving toward electrification, owing to the detrimental impacts of burning fossil fuels. However, there are ways to eliminate fossil fuels while still using internal combustion engines, aside from moving to EVs.

Using compressed natural gas is one of them (CNG). They are said to be more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels and emit significantly less hazardous pollutants. CNGs, like gasoline, pose a risk of leakage and fire. And, as you can see in the video above, they’re disastrous.

According to accounts, the terrifying episode occurred in the Italian city of Perugia. The bus shown in the film was an Irisbus Iveco Cityclass, which included an internal combustion engine and roof-mounted CNG fuel tanks. The bus, as you can see, transformed into a flamethrower, shooting flames in three directions. The source of the leak was not revealed.

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Fortunately, there were no passengers on board the bus. Only the mechanic/driver was on board, and he was able to jump off before things got out of hand. The bus, on the other hand, would be unsalvageable because it had been completely consumed by fire (see video below).

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Commercial cars and buses fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) are becoming increasingly popular in Europe (especially in Italy and Greece) due to their environmental advantages over fossil fuels. Apart from that, they offer a longer range than electric vehicles and do not require prolonged idle time to replenish the batteries.

According to reports, this isn’t the first time a CNG-fueled bus has exploded in Europe. However, since the last such incidence in the Netherlands in 2012, they are still rare and far between.

Source: Umbria On

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