Cadillac Reveals Two Seater Concept At CES 2022

Cadillac Reveals Two Seater Concept At CES 2022
Cadillac Reveals Two Seater Concept At CES 2022

InnerSpace : Autonomous Concept By Cadillac

At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Cadillac debuted InnerSpace, a spectacular two-passenger electric and autonomous luxury vehicle. InnerSpace expands the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio of vehicles, which are designed to not only move passengers in a luxurious environment but also to improve their well-being, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the passenger experience, as well as the increased personal time enabled by fully autonomous mobility.

Last year at CES, Cadillac unveiled the first two Halo concepts: the PersonalSpace, a single-seat, personal vertical takeoff and landing concept designed to lift passengers above the din and congestion of ground traffic. And the SocialSpace, a roomy, autonomous vehicle for up to six passengers designed to help passengers relax and recharge. The new InnerSpace concept reimagines that vision, offering a fully automated ride that allows two passengers to concentrate on their journey rather than driving.

Concept And Features

Cadillac Reveals Two Seater Concept At CES 2022

The portfolio repurposes how travellers spend their time while flying from a conceptual standpoint, creating a space for quiet and rest. While full autonomy relinquishes control of the vehicle, the dramatic design and advanced technologies keep the feeling of arriving in a Cadillac. In fact, biometric input and AI machine learning are used to enable distinct wellness experiences, and they complement Cadillac’s signature luxury surroundings. The Cadillac Concept Halo Portfolio may provide each passenger with a totally individualised experience thanks to software-defined features and sophisticated vehicle connection enabled by GM’s Ultifi software platform.

Ultifi enables clients to receive software updates over the air in a seamless manner. The Halo Portfolio’s experiences reflect the promise of Ultifi and autonomous technologies as they continue to develop.

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Exterior Design

InnerSpace : Autonomous Concept By Cadillac

The striking design of the InnerSpace includes expansive, panoramic glass on the roof and portion of the body sides allowing nearly unobstructed views. The roof opens with the doors for easier entry and exit, and the seats also pivot outward as the doors open, adding to the overall appearance. Notably, the tires are designed to add to its comfort. They feature Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology. It helps to reduce soundwave resonance within the tyre for a quieter ride, while soybean oil and rice husk-based silica replace petroleum-based oil as a significant ingredient in their construction. The tyre intelligence system developed by Goodyear communicates critical information regarding pressure, temperature, load, and other performance variables.

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