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Car Sales June 2022 | Best Selling Car Brands in June 2022

Car Sales Report June 2022 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia, Honda

Maruti Suzuki is not in a good position at all, despite the fact that it tops the charts. If you carefully examine all the graphs showing YoY and MoM growth as well as market shares, you may notice that every position Maruti Suzuki is occupying is highlighted in red. Red is typically considered to be bad. Maruti Suzuki is currently like the big blind in a high-stakes poker game that is losing chips.

Car Sales June 2022

Maruti Suzuki, despite being a formidable competitor, will still top every single table in June 2022 with a 38.24 percent market share. Even with 1,22,685 units sold in June 2022, it experienced a 1.28 percent YoY and 1.44 percent MoM decline. Additionally, it lost 4.05 percent monthly and 10.37 percent year over year in market share in June 2022.

Car Sales June 2022Sales (Units)
MG Motors4,503

With a 15.27 percent market share, Hyundai holds the second position after losing it to Tata a month ago. In June 2022, Hyundai experienced YoY and MoM growth of 21% and 15%, respectively. Its market share decreased by 0.57 percent year over year, but it fought its way back like a scared cat to see growth of 0.90 percent month over month.

With a stellar performance in May, Tata rose to 2nd spot. But not so much in June. It takes third spot with positive growth YoY and MoM too. Tata has 14.09% market share in June 2022 with a rise of 4.66% from June 2021 and has lost 0.64% when compared to May 2022.

Mahindra comes in second with a market share of 8.38 percent in June 2022, up 1.76 percent from June 2021 but down 0.76 percent from May 2022. In June 2022, Mahindra reports a solid 58.93 percent YoY growth but a 0.09 percent MoM decline.

Sales Figures & Market Share

Every manufacturer on the list below the top 4 has experienced positive year-over-year growth between June 2022 and June 2021. Ford, however, pulled out of the Indian market.

The Skoda growth of staggering 720.57 percent in June 2022 over June 2021 due to the Slavia is the most impressive number in this table. The Meridian SUV is responsible for Jeep’s 148 percent YoY growth in June 2022, which is the second-most impressive figure.

Except for Honda and Volkswagen, all companies have experienced positive MoM growth. Jeep stands out above the rest with a growth rate MoM of 111.53 percent, and Citroen surprises with a growth rate MoM of 220.83 percent in June 2022 over May 2022. In June 2022, we will have a total growth rate of 25.49 percent YoY and 9 percent MoM. It is an impressive number for the Indian automotive sector.

In terms of market share, Kia, Skoda, and Toyota have all experienced strong YoY and MoM growth. When it comes to the Indian automotive market, we are witnessing a steady increase in June 2022 when compared to June 2021, as well as positive growth when looking at monthly figures.


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