Cheap Tuner Cars With High Potential

Cheap Tuner Cars With High Potential

Top 5 Cheap Cars Best For Tuning

The car community all around the globe gies crazy about tuning. Primarily, cars are meant to take people from one place to another. But for enthusiasts high performance, thrill drive is what they crave for. It definitely feels great to say ‘Built not bought’ but budget is a major concern. Working on a project car cost you both money and time it’s vital the cars he works on are affordable. Here we have mentioned top 5 inexpensive cars best for tuners. This listed cars have unlimited tuning potential and most importantly are cheap to do your handiwork on.

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1. Toyota MR2 Spyder

Cheap Tuner Cars With High Potential

The Toyota MR2 Spyder is a beautiful sports car with ultimate tuning potential. It is a reliable and affordable mid-engine car. It already offers immense power and performance. With few mods on you will be chasing down supercars at stoplights. The only drawback in MR2 is practicality. They are easy to tune and offers great storage space but they do not offer a comfortable ride. You can find some of these all ready to get tuned for a price of ariund 8500 bucks.

2. Lexus IS300

Cheap Tuner Cars With High Potential

Although the Lexus company is no way a sports car brand, but the IS300 is a favoured model for tuning. The Lexus IS300 has been a saga in the tuner community. The car is a complete package of style and luxury with performance. It has got the qualitative to be a dragster. The car is offered with a rear wheel drive and goes very well with the legendary 2jz engine. With the Lexus badge comes reliability you will not need any costly repairing work. The IS300 can be your budget friendly, rocket like car. The S300 which have a few miles on it can codt you around $7,000 to $12,000.

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3. Infiniti G35V

Cheap Tuner Cars With High Potential

The Japanese 350Z is widely popular among tuners. Car culture movies and tuners have chosen the 350Z as the best performance platform to work on. But if you need a more practical car with a added lux, then the Infinite G35V is good to go. The G35 share its chassis and engine with the Nissan 350Z. One can easily find complete guid and aftermarket support for the G35V. You can easily find one for around 7000 bucks.

4. Pontiac Firebird

Cheap Tuner Cars With High Potential

The Pontiac Firebird is one of the best sounding car out there. It is powered by a LS V8 engine which are known for ridiculous horsepower. Here we are specifically talking about the model years of 1993 to 2002. These models will be easy to work on. With few mods you can definitely squeeze out enough power for your Firebird. The Ponatiac Firebird is readily available under $10,000.

5. BMW E36

Cheap Tuner Cars With High Potential

Astonishingly this German machine made up in the list. The BMW E36 manufactured between 1992 to 1999 can be a great platform for tuners. The body design of the E36 hold up the legacy of sporty driving. With few mods on you can get the best if it. Most importantly you can also add software updates to your car. You can get the E36 for reasonable price, it is available in the market for less than $11,000.

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