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Check Out This Tesla Model Y Review After 35,000 Miles

How does the Model Y hold up after 2 years of ownership?

The Tesla Model Y continues to be the most popular electric crossover vehicle on the market. It debuted in the United States in March 2020, and we’re now seeing how the first few Model Ys are holding up two years later. Gjeebs, a YouTuber, just posted a review on his 2020 Model Y, including all of the benefits and negatives he’s encountered after 35,000 kilometres.

Gjeebs pointed out that several other electric crossovers are now on the market that weren’t available when he purchased his Model Y in mid-2020. Would he still buy a Model Y if he had to buy a crossover again? Gjeebs believes it is still the greatest all-around electric crossover on the market, but there is one major flaw: the price.

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Gjeebs bought his Model Y Long Range AWD 2 years ago for $54,190. However, if he wanted to buy a new LR Model Y today, he’d have to fork over nearly $65,000 before even considering his options. Once incentives and delivery charges are factored in, the entry-level Model Y costs nearly twice as much as the base Volkswagen ID.4. That isn’t a fair comparison, though. As a result, even after factoring in the Federal Tax Credit (which the Model Y isn’t eligible for), the highest trim AWD versions of the Kia EV6 and Ioniq 5, both of which give comparable performance and range to the Y, there’s still a $15,000 price difference. He’d probably save $10,000 and obtain an LR Model if he were to buy today. If he was buying today, he’d probably save $10k and get a LR Model 3. If he was to spend $65k minimum on a crossover, he’d go down the ICE route and just get a Porsche Macan instead (an EV version of which is on the way though).

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Gjeebs, on the other hand, is a huge lover of his Model Y. It’s easy to live with and gets better with OTA updates. The Model Y, and Teslas in general, have excellent resale prices. The Supercharger Network and several service centres are also advantages. The suspension is one disadvantage. It’s a little too hard, and the ride isn’t quite as smooth as competitors’.

The Model Y is a terrific automobile, but not nearly worth $65,000, according to Gjeebs. He would get a Model 3 instead of a Tesla Model S if he were to buy a new electric vehicle today.

Source: Gjeebs (YouTube)

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