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Could This Sketch From GM Preview An Electric Corvette SUV?

Perhaps the more important question is: should GM push through with this idea?

On Instagram (@generalmotorsdesign), General Motors Design published an intriguing sketch of what appears to be a high-riding crossover. Though details lead us to believe it’s an EV crossover, it bears GM’s current design language. More notably, the black boomerang on the side looks identical to the Chevy Corvette C8. Is this a sneak peek at a Corvette SUV that runs on electricity?

Well, yes and no. We’re used to seeing design studies and sketches posted over on Instagram by General Motors Design. And most of the times, they are what they are – studies and scribbles of imagination.

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Jason Chen (@macotodesign), who, according to his Instagram bio, is a creative designer at GMC, created this rendering.

An electric Corvette crossover, on the other hand, isn’t exactly a novel concept. As early as 2019, rumours of a separate Corvette brand including an SUV and a sedan appeared. A number of GM insiders were quoted in the reports.

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According to a Bloomberg article from 2021, GM is already working on at least one electric Corvette SUV, signalling the beginning of the Corvette family of performance vehicles, similar to what Ford did with the Mustang Mach-E. The sources asked not to be identified for obvious reasons, but it appears that they were aware of the situation.

GM designers are also working on various Corvette-brand concept vehicle concepts, according to the sources. According to previous estimates, the car might be released as early as 2025.

Is this image a sneak peek at the impending electric Corvette SUV? It could be one of them, but we’ll have to wait and see if this one is the one that inspires the reported model and eventually makes it to production.

Purists, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be dissatisfied. However, unit sales are an another matter.

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