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Cricketer Kapil Dev Gaves A Piece Of Advice to Young Drivers


After learning of Rishabh Pant’s freak accident, one of India’s most promising young cricketers, the entire nation was in disbelief. When they saw how his car looked after the collision, everyone became even more frightened. Pant survived the crash and is currently making a full recovery at a private hospital in Dehradun, much to everyone’s relief. One of our nation’s most illustrious cricketers, Kapil Dev, shared some advice for many aspiring young cricketers after the accident.

Kapil Dev, the world cup-winning batsman and captain, said in a statement to a media outlet, “Yes, you have a good-looking car with great speeds, but you have to be careful. You don’t have to drive it alone; you can easily afford a driver. I am aware that one has interests or even a passion for such things; at his age, it is only natural to do so, but you also have obligations. Nobody else can care for you but you. You must make your own decisions.


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Kapil Dev About His Accident

The legendary cricketer mentioned a motorcycle accident that happened to him when he was playing cricket for India, adding that his brother had forbidden him from riding motorcycles ever since. He said, “I had a motorcycle accident when I was still a rising cricketer. My brother forbade me from touching the motorcycle after that day, he continued. I simply thank God that Rishabh Pant is secure.

About Rishab Pant Accident

For those who are still in the dark, Rishab Pant narrowly escaped a serious accident on the morning of December 30. Before colliding with a road divider, Rishabh Pant was operating a Mercedes-AMG GLE SUV at a very high speed. The GLE experienced multiple overturns in this collision before completely exploding into ashes. In the 5-7 seconds that separated the collision and the SUV catching fire, Pant was able to escape the vehicle by smashing the windscreen. Pant has recovered his senses, but not before sustaining wounds to his head, feet, and back. On the Narsan border of Roorkee, close to Hammadpur, the incident took place as he was travelling back to his house from Delhi.

People Who Saved Rishab Pant

Sushil Kumar and Paramjeet were the first to rescue Rishabh Pant from his burning luxury car after it collided with a divider. Kumar, who was driving a Haryana Roadways bus on the same road and saw the terrible collision, stopped sideways to help Pant. Even though he initially didn’t recognise Pant, he and his conductor Paramjeet still went above and beyond to help him, exemplifying the best qualities of humanity. But later, Paramjeet noticed Pant and told Kumar that he was a cricket player for India.

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