DC2-Designed Wide Body Kit for Mercedes-Benz GLA looks WILD!

DC2-Designed Wide Body Kit for Mercedes-Benz GLA looks WILD!
DC2-Designed Wide Body Kit for Mercedes-Benz GLA looks WILD!

In India, Mercedes-Benz is one of the most well-known luxury car manufacturers. In their portfolio, they have a wide range of models. Mercedes-Benz provides the GLA as the entry level vehicle in the SUV segment. The pricing of Mercedes-entry-level Benz’s compact luxury SUV starts at Rs 44 lakh ex-showroom. People who purchase such automobiles are looking for a smooth ride and convenient conveniences. Exterior alterations are rarely chosen by buyers of such vehicles. There are exceptions, as with anything else, and if you’re one of them, DC2 has a bespoke wide body kit for your Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV.

DC2 has posted digitally created photographs of this modified Mercedes-Benz GLA with the wide body package on their Facebook page. This body package, like many others from the modifier in the past, significantly modifies the car’s overall appearance. In fact, it no longer appears to be a GLA. Several panels of this compact luxury SUV have been replaced with custom-made replacements.

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The front grille, headlamps, and bumper have all been removed, starting with the front. At the front, a custom-made bumper has been installed. It has an aggressive appearance, with a grille that resembles that of a stock Mercedes. The DC2 designs logo has been installed in lieu of the Three-Pointed Star logo. Behind the front bumper and grille is a black-colored cloth with honey comb motifs. The bumper has also been entirely redone. As part of the change, it appears that the SUV’s hood will be replaced as well. The headlamps on this SUV have been replaced with three slim LED units located adjacent to the grille.

When it comes to the side aspect, the car features a squarish shape with big wheel arches. In this situation, the front fender of the standard unit has been totally replaced. The wheel arches are widened, and the new units enhance the car’s total width because this is a wide body kit. Side steps and a dual-tone border give it a larger appearance. The rear fender has air vents, giving it a sporty appearance. The Mercedes’ original wheels have been replaced with bigger wheels. The wheels appear to be too huge for the car in the render image.

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We’re not sure if DC2 will put such enormous wheels on a genuine automobile or if this was just for show. The car’s side profile solely exposes the SUV’s front doors. The back door handle isn’t visible in any of the photos. When we go to the back, there’s a roof-mounted spoiler that’s actually part of the rear body kit. This SUV’s tail lamps have been totally overhauled. It now has a big LED tail lamp strip that runs the length of the boot from one end to the other. The rear bumper is also a one-of-a-kind creation with a honeycomb pattern.

The lower half of the rear bumper has chrome exhaust tips. We’re not sure if a buyer of a Mercedes-Benz GLA would be willing to make such changes, especially after spending more than half a lakh on a luxury SUV. We could be mistaken, and one of these may turn up on the road sometime.

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