World’s First All Electric Muscle Car

Dodge has decided to come up with all electric Muscle car. As Stellantis recently decided to go all electric in coming years. The group posted a glimpse of the Dodge’s idea of an all electric muscle car. It may be in reality by 2024.

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Dodge : The Muscle Car Geek

Dodge To Make Worlds First All Electric Muscle Car

Dodge are known for making some iconic muscle cars. To name some Dodge Charger and are most popular around the globe. The automakers had made there name up in the charts of popularity. Muscle car means are one the most powerful vehicle type. This are mostly offered with V8 engine.

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The Future Of Muscle Cars

Dodge To Make Worlds First All Electric Muscle Car

Automakers deciding to go all electric is now new. With the need of the time and urge of electric cars its an important decision by the brands. Now Dodge seems to follow the Trend. The Stellantis group has Recently announced to go all electric. And its subsidiary Dodge made some big plans. The company drop a video on there official social media.

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The video shows us a glimpse of Dodge idea of making a super powerful electric muscle car. It will be worlds first all electrical muscle car. This will be be great sight to watch. Although enthusiasts not seem to be happy. The fans will surely miss the engine roar and power of there world class engines.


Dodge To Make Worlds First All Electric Muscle Car

It will be great to see how Dodge make the battery powered muscle car. There have been a massive shift towards EV. Where recently Lamborghini has also decided to go all electric Dodge announcement will pave way for more powerful EVs in the future. Dodge says there electric Muscle car will roar out by 2024. Will it be hit ? Only time will say.

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