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Drifting Ford Mustang Literally Takes The Pants Off From Sideshow Spectator

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We all know that Ford Mustangs and crowds don’t mix, but no one could have predicted what happened at a recent sideshow event in Sacramento when one spectator got a little too close to a Mustang.

The incident occurred recently at a shopping centre near Sacramento International Airport and caused such a commotion that police were called and multiple people were arrested.

A red Ford Mustang can be seen doing donuts in front of a crowd of spectators at one point, and while we usually give Mustangs a wide berth in situations like this, one guy got a little too close to the Ford, presumably in an attempt to get the best possible video for social media.

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The driver of the Mustang is seen in dramatic footage knocking down the man. He is thrown to the ground, but the driver maintains full throttle, spinning up the rear tyres of the muscle car. Unfortunately, the attendees’ legs became trapped under the Mustang, and the driver proceeded to run over them, ripping off his black jeans and underwear in a scene that is almost impossible to believe is real.

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Despite having his legs run over, the young man quickly gets back to his feet and walks away, seemingly unscathed. The crowd quickly swarmed the guy with their phones out, so while he avoided serious physical injury, he certainly received a healthy dose of embarrassment that may last even longer than the scars left by the Mustang’s tyres.

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