Dubai Taxi Driver Reveals Income Details

In this video, an Indian vlogger discusses income with a taxi driver from the Indian subcontinent in Dubai. It is a dream for many people in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh to move abroad in search of better job opportunities. Because the policies of some Middle Eastern countries are quite welcoming to immigrants, thousands of people migrate from the subcontinent in search of suitable jobs.

Pankaj Dubai Vlog uploaded the video to YouTube. He converses with the Pakistani driver. The vlogger inquires as to how he enjoys driving cars in Dubai and how it differs from driving in his home country. The driver responds that he enjoys his job as a driver in Dubai and that the pay is good. The pay is also reasonable. When asked about the process of migrating to Dubai, he gives detailed information. The procedure is quite simple. You must apply from your home country using standard documents such as an ID card and passport.


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If you are chosen, you will be given a visa and will be able to travel to the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The process of obtaining a driver’s licence in Dubai is also simple, as long as you pass the test. The driver claims that the total cost of moving to Dubai and obtaining the licence is around 25,000 Dirham. This is roughly equivalent to Rs 5.50 lakh INR.

Dubai Taxi Driver Income

When asked about the potential earnings as a driver, he states that he works on commission. If the work is good, he could earn between 2,500 and 3,500 Dirham per month. When converted to INR, this equates to approximately Rs 55,000 to Rs 77,000. This is a good wage for just driving a car, which is why so many people choose it. He also mentions that his work was severely impacted by the pandemic, but that he has recovered well and is doing well now.

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