EV’s are producing more than 74% pollution rather than IC engines before deriving the electric vehicles.Some questions are unanswered.Here we are trying to find answers to that questions. (zolpidem tartrate online)

How batteries EV’s are producing more pollution as compared to IC engines?

First of all we must know the electric vehicle?

What is electric vehicle ?

The answer is very simple. The vehicle which runs on electric energy stored in the form of battery pack.

basic EV structure.

Construction of electric vehicle.

It’s construction consists of very simple and having less components.

  1. Battery Pack.
  2. Electric Traction Motor.
  3. DC/DC converter.
  4. Transmission system.
  5. Charging port.
electric car construction

Then how batteries EV’s are producing more pollution as compared to IC engines?

The main constructional features of EV’s is its batteries. The battery is the main component of electric vehicle as it stores energy and then transmit to transmission system.

How batteries are made up of?

To make battery we need to extract ERE i.e. earth rare elements such as lithium, nickel, cobalt or graphite etc that only exits beneath the surface of earth.

The batteries are mainly made up of lithium ion.

There are three components of battery i.e. 

A] Positive electrode.

B] Negative electrode.

C] Electrolyte.

The positive electrode is metal oxide.

carbon make the negative electrode of convectional lithium ion cell.

The electrolyte is a lithium salt in an organic solvent. 

Then how production of batteries are making pollution?

  • To construct battery about 74% of carbon dioxide is produced as correlate to Internal Combustion Engine.
  • Metal to construct battery are very handful and these metals are extracted from methods that are not environmentally friendly.
  • EV’s battery release notably more climate warming gases at in its manufacturing stages.
  • The power used to charge battery of electric car comes from burning of fossil fuels.

Electric cars make Pollution before seating in it.

  • To make battery we have to depends upon the extracting activities such as mining.
  • These mining activities are very polluting.  As in extraction Air Pollution occurs due to fugitive emissions of particulate matter and gases including methane, oxides of nitrogen.

Electric cars are not zero emissions vehicle does it really make sense ?

  1. Though, they do not emits CO2 while driven, they might do in other three stages i.e.
  2. During manufacturing process.
  3. During production of electricity to charge the battery of electric vehicle.
  4. At the end of life cycle of electric vehicle.
  5. During production of electricity the fossil fuel power plants burn coal or oil to create heat which is in turn used to generate steam to drive turbines which generate electricity.
  6. After end of life of electric vehicle or after aging of electric car , to recycle the battery the on going process is still expensive and most batteries are not recycled!!!

We have earth rare elements for some time that are non renewable source of energy but how much time it will run for our resources?????

For that my opinion for better future for sustainability of this sourses is to using public transport rather than individual vehcle!!!


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